Noisey and rude teenagers

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dopey Posts: 198
Just wondering if anyone can help me out here. What can on do with noisey teenagers that hang outside our house from 3 or 4 in the afternoon till midnight maybe later. Sometimes there is only a few but most of the time there could be up to 20 or 25 They are very noisey, rude, intimidating, underage drinking, urinitating outside the house., grafitti on walls and then they park 3 cars abreast so when we try to get in or out we cant and they take ages to move. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated as the guards are doing no good at all. On of our neighbours a lady in her 60s is afriad to come out of her house I mean that should not be the way. Most of these kids do not even live on our estate So Frustrating Any ideas girls
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Keep nagging the Gardai. Get in contact with your local councillor or TD and tell them about it. Get them to contact the Gardai too. Unfortunately sometimes the only way to get the Gardai to do anything is to nag nag nag. Find out if they have a community liason officer and talk to him/her as well.
steen Posts: 1335
Have to agree with Blushing B. You need to hound the Gardai.
*gone* Posts: 4785
Yip - keep nagging the gardai - it's the only way of getting them to listen. And if you ask your neighbours to complain as well, they have to take heed of it. Do you have a neighbourhood watch / residents association? Maybe approach the people in charge of that also. Are these teenagers local? Do you know any of them? Would ringing their parents do any good?
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
Keep phoning the Gardai. If they don't arrive within a half hour, ring again, and again. We kept up the pressue about a gang that was causing bother across the road from us and the Garda presence is still going.......they've been quite good about it!
justforfunsies Posts: 2502
we had that problem in our estate...until we set up neighbourhood watch, can't believe it but it actually worked....they used to congrugate next to our next door neighbours house and used to drink there brazen as you like...usually in groups of around 20 or so...very intimidating...specially if you had to leave the house and go to the local shop on your own or anything. anyway they are never there any more...
dopey Posts: 198
how did you go about setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme if you dont mind me asking
Cork06 Posts: 19
Hi Dopey! You said they don't live on your estate so definitely ring the guards. We had the same problem but the kids did live on the estate and we asked them on a number of occasions to move to outside their own houses but to no avail. It got to the stage that I checked outside before I left the house as they were intimidating and abusive. We set up a camcorder in the garage and filmed them then I went out a few days later - told them I had them on video and if they didn't shove off I'd be down to their parents like a flash - worked a treat :) M
dopey Posts: 198
Thanks. We are in the process of doing that ie cctv. Its annoying though that you have to do something like that in your won home. I am like you too sometimes looking out the window to know if I can go for a walk without been subjected to well
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
There is a garden device that you can get that I heard about. Basically, it's like a dog whistle but its for humans. The high pitched tone is so annoying that it will deter people from hanging around for too long. It was designed with loitering teens in mind. Like the dog whistle, it can't be actually heard but there's something in the tone that affects the brain (very techy now) and makes the buggers feck off! Sorry for going on - I'll find out what it is and get back to you. I think I heard about it on Joooooooe Duffy!