North facing back garden?

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miss choc Posts: 1270
We are in the process of looking at houses and saw one that has ticked all the boxes for us only thing is it is a north facing back garden. Just would like other peoples opinion who have a north facing back garden the house we are in at the moment is south facing but to be honest next doors tree blocks lot of sun in Summer so don't get tons of sun. I am torn cos I like gardening but don't want to rule out a lovely house cos of it's aspect. It is a longish garden with gravel/stepping stone at the top near french doors and more concrete at the back so was thinking I could make end of the garden the patio area with flowers/shrubs, then put shade/semi shade loving plants up at the top. Front will be find it's a long cemented path so can put lots of sun loving flowers out the front. We have viewed the house twice unfortunately on two dull rainy days and it is hard to predict a sunny day in this country :( to check the sun aspect. The kitchen is bright with white gloss cabinets and skylight and dining room has french doors so don't think it would be too gloomy. Any tips and plant/garden design advice would be appreciated.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
For me, I would say not for all the tea in China would I buy a house with a north facing garden. This would be an absolute dealbreaker for me- in fact I woudn't even bother vewing a house with a north-facing garden. Once I see the table and chairs at the bottom of the garden- it is out for me. A south/south western facing back garden would be near the top of my priority list in buying a house. We rented a house with a north facing garden and while it was lovely in the morning, then to see the sun creep down the garden as the day progresses and you keep moving your chair further and further down the garden. trying to keep in the sun- depressing. You are left with a sunny day and your garden is in shade- it is really not usable then. We have a south western facing back garden and I absolutely love it- one of my favourite things about the house. To just open the back door on a sunny day and have it open all day. For kids it is second to none. They play outside happily all day, we can eat out there sometimes and sit there late in the evenings with friends. It it so nice that on a sunny day we have the privacy of just staying there all day and enjoying the sun, pottering in and out etc- not having to leave to go to a park etc to see the sun... Some people obviously don't mind so much but having experienced a north facing back garden- for me it would be never again. No matter how fab the house or the price- I would walk away- actually I'd run!
miss choc Posts: 1270
I guess it's different factors for different people the back garden is quite long so it will get some sun. Other factors I dont have kids, I work from home and am up early, the front of the house is long and all the sun loving flowers and shrubs are there already, also there is a park 5 minutes walk away. Whilst aspect is not ideal I viewed it on a dull afternoon and the kitchen was bright due to bright gloss cabinets, white paint and a row of velux windows in the kitchen/dining. I am aware of plants I can can/can't use but I can landscape accordingly. To be honest the weather in the last couple of days has been crap, it's hard to tell when viewing when there is no sun can't go out in garden anyway I have a south west at the moment and only managed to get out in it yesterday, next door has a big tree blocking during the Summer so I hardly see the sun anyway at least there is nothing blocking this house just the house itself the house is awesome has all the space I want I need more room big time. It is 5 mins away from my old house near 5 bus routes and dont have to move services ie Dr., Dentist day care etc for Mam as I look after her.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I think you are right re different strokes for different folks. People obviously prioritise different factors when looking for a house. Our house is small but the big garden was a major factor for us. I think also if you have children, it makes the back garden more of an issue. You sound as if you have found a great house which ticks all the boxes most important to you- which is fantastic! Most of us have to compromise on some aspect of the 'dream' house. With us it was house size but other factors like garden, location etc.. made it a worthwhile compromise for us. I would try and view it on a sunny day if I were you- (hard to do I know) just to be certain you can live with it. Hope it works out for you- buying a house is a very exciting time!
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
I am in a north facing garden at the moment, and it is depressing when the sun goes away in the evening and you end up sitting at the front of the house, ok it is more sociable cause we are in an estate but it's too cold out the back and it's nice to get fresh air in the evenings, so the lovely patio furniture goes to waste. Even our kitchen is gloomy after 11am cause it's leading onto the garden, so you end up with the lights on all year round. Light is very important, for us as well as the plants! If I were buying, south/west would be a must for me.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I wouldn't consider a north facing back garden. We haven't bothered to look at houses with one because it's got so many bad points.
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Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
I dont think it would bother me that much if the house was ticking all the boxes. We have a DS whos 3 soon and during the summer he would potter around out the back garden, not having the sun beating down on him would be a bonus for me to be honest. Our backgarden where we rent is north facing and we get the sun until 7pm right down the end of the garden, as someone said our patio is at the very back of the garden but it doesnt bother us in fact we are trying to buy our rental property. Definitely would not be my deciding factor.
Perci Posts: 3847
We have a north facing garden too and it doesn't bother me at all. Its great for the kids playing in the shade and I dont like sitting directly in the sun either. Our living room is at the front of the house though and Im happy that the room is bright and sunny. If it was a north facing garden with a dull north facing living room then I wouldn't like it.
Daisy131 Posts: 2
Hi Misschoc, We are same situation. Just wondering how North facing garden has been? Everything else is perfect in the house, longish garden so potential to put patio at bottom of garden. Has kitchen been cold/dark? Any info would be great
Daisy131 Posts: 2
Hi, We are in the same position, north facing garden. so patio potential at bottom of garden. How have you found north facing garden...unuseable apart from the end? Is the kitchen dark/cold? Any info would be great.