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2crazy Posts: 1478
I just checked my ticker, I am into days :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll what things do I need to be doing in these last few weeks?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Just relax and enjoy the build up :wv Hope the day is everything you want it to be :xox
2crazy Posts: 1478
thanks I am starting to get very excited :compress
Picasso Posts: 645
It's so exciting when the day gets close. Some things to do if you haven't already: - contact all suppliers and reconfirm details & give them directions and phone numbers - go through final details with venue - honeymoon tickets - honeymoon clothes - get foreign currency - complete mass booklets - gifts for wedding party - dress fittings - have rehearsal That's all I can think of at the mo!
2crazy Posts: 1478
Thanks picasso, i will have to email suppliers. have dress fitting 2mo week,meeting with priest next week to finalise booklets, just waiting for the last few r.s.v.p's. have to call hotel and organise meeting,not having rehearsal til 2 days before. Me and h2b are buzzing around the place :o0 just want the day to come now
Picasso Posts: 645
See, you are well on the way!! One thing I did a couple of weeks before the wedding was try to imagine how the day would go from start to finish...and check did I have everything organised for all the different bits iykwim. Hope this makes sense :wv Oh and enjoy it cause it's a WONDERFUL time!!
Linda H Posts: 1151
Ah enjoy the build up & chill. aggh the excitement
MrsB. Posts: 89
Enjoy the time it is such an exciting time especially a couple of days beforehand - Have as much as possible done beforehand so you can really take it all in. I know it sounds weird but everyone around you is so excited for you and h2b - it really is such an emotional time. But as the previous poster said just confirm with all your suppliers date time and place etc..
2crazy Posts: 1478
Thanks girls, was on the phone to m y mum last night and you swear we were 2 schollgirls they way we were talking lol O:o) have been trying to imagine the big day but must start focusing on potential stresses and get rid of them before they happen