Oh my god what a depressing day

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Maud Posts: 857
God, I just can't believe the bloody weather. Was stuck in a dingy office all week during the lovely summer-like weather and as soon as the weekend hits the sun goes into hiding and everything turns gloomy. I really am finding Dublin City depressing too. There's feck all to do apart from shopping and it's smelly and full of stressed out people. Can't wait to go to the countryside tomorrow. Was supposed to go today but my h2b was feeling miserable(poor fella he [u:16wxfahm]is[/u:16wxfahm] from Spain and is stuck in this kip). I rang my mum in kildare who immediately said that the weather is lovely, all the daffodils are out and couldn't believe the weather is not nice here. So dissappointed!!!!!!!!!
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Hate to tell you candygirl but its raining down the country now too... :(
clairebear76 Posts: 568
and in yorkshire!!!! :(