Old moses basket...What d'ya think?

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Augustmum Posts: 686
Hey girls, would ye use a moses basket that is like 25 years old??? It's been kept in a black bag in my parents attic since I grew out of it :-8 TBH I don't want to fork out like €80 for a new one as I've heard babies grow out of them very quickly so was just going to get a cot and work from there. But someone on here mentioned that they have a moses basket over 35 years old and they are intending to use it for their little one. What do ye think? Anyone else do this? I was worried that it might have dust mites or that or is there a way of cleaning it? This is my first so as ye can tell I'm a bit clueless! :-8
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I wouldn't personally. The safety standards have improved so much in that length of time - in terms of things like the material it would be made out of and God knows what else. I would be so conscious of cot death and would definitely do everything I possibly could to avoid that. Woodworm, dustmites as you mentioned could all be a possibility. If it was a friend's moses basket that was one or two years old, I would use it. But even then I would buy a new mattress for it. That's just my view.
Augustmum Posts: 686
My thoughts exactly sunny. Like I would of course buy a new mattress for it but after posting my post and reading your reply I've decided against it. I want to do all I can to protect and look after my baby - not chancing it. Will stick to the cot or if one of my friends offer their moses basket (wouldn't dream ask them for a loan) I'll use that :-8 Thanks for your reply :wv
Momof2 Posts: 3884
ours is 40+yrs far sturdier than the ones you see in shops now. Its always been well stored and cleaned prior to use and has a new mattress for all new babies. If its appears well stored/cared for then I would use it personally. If your very concerned you could steam clean it yourself to ensure any mites are dealt with of course you'll buy your own mattress safety regulations in that area have changed so much. but if you have any doubts then DON'T use it.
spinning jinny Posts: 425
Mine is 35yrs + old and both myself and my SIL used it for our babies last year. They are definately alot more sturdier than what the new ones are. Mine is made of wicker so we put a new frilly cover on it and of course a new mattress. Our ds was the 26th baby to have lay in it, it was passed around my dh's uncles & aunts houses as babies were born over the years so we are proud to have the chance to ly our ds in the same mosses basket as his dad lay in. If you don't think your mosses basket is in good enough condition then don't use it, but if it was well looked after and with a bit of TLC it could be as good as any new basket.
Daff Posts: 11644
I've mine from a baby, it'll be 30 years next week :-8 It's in great condition and I bought a new matress for it. Mine had all the lining that came down around the outside. It was still in great condition so just threw it in the wash and it looks brand new. It is much bigger than the ones these days so plenty of room for air etc to circulate in it. Also as others have said it's so much sturdier. I'd be afraid to put LO in a new one.
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Mine is 30 years old. Got a new mattress for it. Was hard enough get one cos it's bigger than today's Moses baskets. Had to get a large pram size one it was called. I've heard so many stories of babies growing out of them & babies not settling in them that I decided not to buy one. In this lovely weather u should leave it out to air, maybe Hoover it & as someone suggested steam clean & then make ur decision. I think it's lovely to have a story behind it tbh.
Dill Posts: 1640
Ours must be abot 40 years old... me, my bro and sis all had it, and all their children (6 between them). I was superstitious not to use it as all the kids who have are healthy and happy :-8
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Mine is 30+ years old, was very well stored and in excellent condition. Brought it into mamas and papas a few times to get a mattress etc to fit it and the ladies in there couldn't praise it enough, saying they don't make them like they used to. I got new lining put in all around it, new mattress etc. Mine is much bigger than modern day baskets and DS was comfy in it for way longer than other newborns...
Secondtime Posts: 320
My dad is 60 next week and I used his Moses basket for dd & will use again this time. Does this give me the oldest so far?!!! My sister used for both her babies. Well cleaned, new liner material & new mattress. I think is lovely to have a bit of history