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jessie10 Posts: 204
Hi ladies we're just finalising our menu finalising and i would love your opinions please :-) Starter : chicken and mushroom vol au vont (fancy white wine sauce its delicious) Cream of veg soup choice of salmon or turkey and ham \ veg option baked Alaska is dessert tea and coffee bickies I have tried to appeal to everyone with the choice of main! I loved the sea bass but its am extra 1200 if i go with it? I would love your opinions ladies many thanks :-)
lux Posts: 6270
Its a grand hotel menu which ticks all the boxes. I am not a fan of vol au vents as I think they are very heavy, especially with a soup, as well as a bit 1970s but everyone will be well fed and the choice of main is ok. Not the most exciting of menus but then again, better a boring menu and empty plates than an exotic one where nobody eats it. I'd prefer seabass but not at that price! And have a look at the turkeyandham thread in food and drink!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I think your menu sounds lovely! I hate mushrooms but would pick them out of the starter, I :lvs turkey & ham - we served it at our wedding and everybody raved about it - also we didn't have a choice on the menu! Sounds yum - enjoy!!
MidnightJasmine Posts: 238
:lvs Baked Alaska.I've only ever seen it on one wedding menu-it was lovely. Personally I don't like vol au vents. I find them heavy and would rather something lighter but that's just personal preference. O-O
Jawl Posts: 8881
I think it sounds lovely, and I'd lap it up!! O-O We're also having the same starter. We were going to go with Veg Soup as a crowd pleaser, as it will be good and well cooked food, so will be nice, but I'd rather appeal to a larger range of people. Wedding coordinator said 'era you can have veg soup any day of the week'. And she has me now leaning towards Potato & Herb soup. But again, that's just a personal thing. My fish choices are between salmon and seabass and I'm thinking that salmon might be more of a crowd pleaser, but I'll decide after the tasting. It's the dessert really has me stumped!! I love chocolatey desserts, or icecream. Mr. Jawl's fave would be apple pie or bread and butter pudding. We could have the medley of desserts, but that would add another 500 euros, just for desserts, so don't think I'm going with that. Your menu sounds lovely though :) P.S. I love vol au vents, and most people going to my wedding are lovers of them too!
shelbert80 Posts: 49
I think the menu sounds lovely, i would definately enjoy every course O-O In fact its made me hungry now :o0
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Menu is lovely especially dessert, yum!