OT - Thermostat Controlled Heater

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redwifey Posts: 2932
Hi there DS is cold at night and has been waking because of it. His room is at the back of the house and I definitely think it's a bit cooler back there. The house isn't zoned so currently the heating goes off at 10pm, comes on again from 1 to 2am and from 5-6am. However, the room is still cold. I was wondering can anyone recommend a heater with a thermostat that will kick in when the room reaches a certain base temp? Many thanks
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I have this heater for DD's room - ... /18379/454. You can set it to maintain a certain temp, eg 20 degrees. I've found it's actually a bit cooler than the temp (ie if I set it to 20, the room is actually about 18) but that's grand, once I figured it out! You can also set it to come on at particular times, so you could have it on while your heating is off. DD was actually in our room when we started using it, and I did notice a bit of a smell from it for the first 2/3 nights, like the elements sorting themselves out or something, but it wasn't too strong, and I was comfortable having it in our room. Oh, and when I spoke to them in the shop, they were very clear that they cannot recommend any portable heater for a bedroom, especially a baby's room, health and safety and all that, so you have to be happy with your decision. HTH
redwifey Posts: 2932
Thanks PR for the suggestion, must have a look. Totally understand what you mean about health and safety, they were right to say it (as were you!). Thanks again.