[u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos]Hotel:[/b:xfpntcos][/u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos] Garryvoe Hotel[/b:xfpntcos] One word Amazing cannot fault anything from the day we booked right up until the day Anthony and his staff couldn't do enough for us. [u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos]Photographer: [/b:xfpntcos][/u:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]Shane O Neill[/b:xfpntcos] Waterford www.aspectphotography.net Shane was great all day and most of the time I didn't even know he was there even when we went to our photo location it only took around 20 mins in all he has sent me a video presentation of he photo's on the day and I couldn't be happier his work its amazing PM me is you would like to see it. His work is amazing I had booked a local photographer and decided to cancel when I came across Shane's work I lost my 300 euro deposit but it was so work it. [u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos]Videographer:[/b:xfpntcos][/u:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]John Mollaghan[/b:xfpntcos] Cork www.momentsvideos.com John was so good such a lovely fella and again I didn't feel as if there was a camera on me he was so laid back and easy going and really made us feel relaxed. He got on great with all the wedding party and I just know his dvd will be well worth the wait. [u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos]Car:[/b:xfpntcos][/u:xfpntcos] www.alleventslimos.com waterford Another amazing supplier when I went to view the car in there showroom in waterford I met Karen she was great I was meeting with Shane (photographer) after the car viewing in a hotel near by but I didn't know where it was Karen drove to the hotel to show us the way! Then on the day of the wedding I forgot my bouquet I left it in the car when we got to Garryvoe Karen drove up to Garryvoe the next day with it for me. Top class customer service. [u:xfpntcos][b:xfpntcos]Dress:[/b:xfpntcos][/u:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]bridal bliss Cork[/b:xfpntcos] The girls are great so helpful and not at all pushy I found them very honest and a pleasure to deal with also there alterations lady Eileen was a diamond. [b:xfpntcos]Make-up:[/b:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]Elaine O Callaghan[/b:xfpntcos] Cork http://www.elaineocallaghan.net/ Elaine was great I loved my trail but I taught on the day she did an even better job and all my bms were happy which was amazing! [b:xfpntcos]Hair:[/b:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]Lorraine Whelan[/b:xfpntcos] Cork Lorraine is talented I couldn't fault her work she did an amazing job which lasted all day and night and probably would have lasted all through the next day if we didn't take it down. [b:xfpntcos]Suit hire:[/b:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]Suits you Mahon point [/b:xfpntcos] A pleasure to deal with especially Will. [b:xfpntcos]Florist:[/b:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]Kathleen McSweeney [/b:xfpntcos](outside youghal) I fell in love with my flowers as soon as I saw them they were out of this world I went for something different and Kathleen really did me proud she works from home and her prices are probably half the price of the shops! [b:xfpntcos]Bridesmaid dresses:[/b:xfpntcos] [b:xfpntcos]BHS online[/b:xfpntcos] I was so lucky here at the time I came across the dresses I wasn't really looking I got 3 dresses for £50 each bargain! If anybody wants any contact details or more infomation please just PM me I had a great day and luckly great suppliers and I know how hard it is trying to pick the right one!