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Senorita Posts: 3413
So, what are the thing and/or people in life, that you just don't get (you wonder what is all the fuss about). For me, I don't get: Brad Pitt - I don't actually think he's perfect looking, or the most gorgeous man on the planet. He's just not my type :-8 Dermot O'Leary - I don't like him at all (he should be in my annoying people post of yesterday), he's not a good tv host. I don't know why women love him, I really don't. Kate Moss - I just don't see what is attractive about her. Basil - the herb - can't stand the stuff. Vile. Chocolate - so over-rated, give me a bag of tayto cheese and onion any day :o0 McDonalds - I know someone who eats out of there, at least 3 times a week :eek Euuggghhhh (well, maybe once a year, if I'm very hungover.) Bulmers Cider - horrible stuff. I got paid £20 to do a tasting evening in a local hotel, years ago. Had to pretend I was drinking the stuff - I really don't know how people drink it (hubby loves in during the summer, over ice :hic ). Abba - I just don't get Abba - I really dislike their music >:o)
boohoo Posts: 39
Agree on the Brad Pitt thing.. I also don't get: every celeb seems to have them..what happened to being unique... Facials....get your paws away from me above Music, Literary, Film snobs...I enjoy what I enjoy, leave me alone I don't care if it's fluff! And no, I don't know who won the Booker Prize...or even what it is. Paris..dirty place
TokenMale Posts: 6845
[quote="Boohoo":arosevfh] Paris..dirty place[/quote:arosevfh] :ooh
boohoo Posts: 39
I actually read that back...I'm an uncultured bofoon! Well may as well add to it! I don't get Elvis either, or the Mona's just a woman looking smug.
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
Coriander - why???
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Music: I hate The Beatles O:| Led Zeppelin annoy the hell out of me too Places: London....been twice and hated every minute of it Food: Broccoli, any type of beans (shiver) Celebrities: Jude Law, Kate Moss (and all her crowd), Pete Doherty, Kerry Katona, Will Ferrell, Jim Carey, etc etc etc Star Wars: Don't see the appeal at all I also detest football - grown men kicking a bag of air around on a patch of grass :hic I've loooooads more :-8
willful Posts: 6822
Mind games with you OH-what's the bleeping point? The fuss over Katy French-yes she was young beautiful, blah blah, but she was playing Russian Roulette ffs! Auctioneers >:o( Wanting to live in Dublin-why for the love of God? Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy???????? :o0 Jackass-bunch of immature twats How someone could [i:10jt8avc]NOT[/i:10jt8avc] like massages :eek :eek :eek kids O:| how loads of men don't like cats?? Poor lickle kitties :o( I thought of 2 related! Buying designer shoes that cost a fortune for your one's gonna see them! The sanctimonious (sp) attitude of the Moral Brigade on here >:o( :o( ;o( O:|
NowGone Posts: 8042
[quote="willful":2j1povcb]Mind games with you OH-what's the bleeping point? [/quote:2j1povcb] Agree. Also, women (and men) who won't "allow" their OH's lead their lives. No you can't go out with the boys. No you can't do this this/that/the other*. I genuinely don;t get that at all. *clearly there are exceptions - No you can't go away for a weekend with your ex.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
happywife Posts: 1575
dont get the brad pitt thing myself or george clooney wtf!! dont like beans peas or lentils... why oh why!! or offal hate all the crap news about what kate moss, pete doherty, amy winehouse and all that shower - its not news O:| dont get the tibet thing and olympic torch stuff - i havent been living with my head in the sand but I just dont get what its all about anyone shed any light on it??