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gumdrops2007 Posts: 63
Hi I'm probably posting this in the wrong section but wondering if anyone can help me. I used to have fairly normal periods but last month mine was a little strange. Period is very brown in color and as i said i would normallly have a 5 day period, last month it as shorter. I saw signs of my period on Tuesday but then nothing. Then yesterday again kind of brown in color and almost nothing now again today? Bit freaked out by this. I am on the pill and have been taking a normal? Can anyone help? Thanks
Wife09 Posts: 873
I had been on same pill for years and years and went back on it after DD. And I suddenly had breakthrough bleeding every month. Went to doc and she said that sometimes when someone is on same pill for so long this can happen. She changed my pill and everything was fine! But you are supposed to go to your doc if you have unexplained breakthrough bleeding ie its not because you missed a pill. Especially as it has happened more than once I think you should go to your doc!