Phoenix for a boy?

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mcweir45 Posts: 23
Honest opinions guys! We both love this name but am worried family and the like wont like it so just wanted an idea on what u all think? Your opinion is really appreciated.
Nextinline Posts: 121
Not my cup of tea, sorry. Doesn't Mel B have a daughter called Phoenix? Maybe you'd like Dexter or Xavier?
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Not for me either for either sex I'm afraid.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
No, really don't like it!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I'm not a fan either. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it! We like names like James and Oliver and Reuben - some say over used, some say too old fashioned - but we'll be using them regardless! (Should we be lucky enough to be blessed with babies!)
BeatrixKiddo Posts: 9
I like it! My boy has an unusual name. I just asked my husband there & he thinks it's more suited to a girl.
Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
I like it. No matter what name you pick not everyone will like it so go with how you feel. Would the nickname be Fix or Pix?
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I'm not keen on it, and also thought of Mel B's daughter with the same name. Would you call him something else for short, a nickname? I like unusual names but Phoenix sounds a bit too "try hard" to me, sorry! Would you consider Felix instead? I like Dexter too.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I like it. If you both like then that's all the counts. Kids grow into their names and people then can't imagine them being called anything else.
meemee Posts: 121
Go with what you both like and forget about everyone else. My little boy has an unusual name which we had picked b4 he was born. I was worried about how people would react to it especially family as they are quite old fashioned. However 10 months on and his name is perfect for him and everyone loves it (or at least they say they do). I couldn't imagine him having any other name.