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Brideyz Posts: 380
Quick q, My mother was saying the one thing she would not have been without was a playpen. I haven't seen one in years in a house, are they gone out with the dinosaurs?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Most people use a travel cot as a playpen (me included), but there are some purpose play pens out there baby den for example. If you look on the web-sites of baby equipment suppliers you will see a range. I have 3 girls so yes, play pen is a good send - a safe place to put lo down when you have to attend to something (or somebody in my case).
Delphinium Posts: 3027
No kids yet, but this is also something I have often wondered now that we are beginning to plan in that direction. Does anyone use them anymore? I think they were a great way of letting baby play safely so that Mum can go about her business without needing eyes in the back of her head! They were very common when we were kids.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
We use travel cot - leave it up in the kitchen and pop DS in there when I need to go to the loo or boil kettle to make up a bottle. My mum was telling me the other day that when she and her siblings were small, her parents made a playpen in their kitchen out of an old tea chest :o0 She said she doesn't know she turned out ok at all :yelrotflmaosmilie:
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Planning on using a travel cot also. Prob won't be using it too much as an actual travel cot so it's great to get more than one use out of it.
corkgirl08 Posts: 175
Have a travel cot in the kitchen that I use as a playpen and it's an absolute godsend!! DD is well used to it and now that she's crawling she will still play happily in it. It's great to have an alternative place to put her. In the morning she has her breakfast in the high chair and will sit there for a while watching me tidy up and when she gets bored of that I put her in the travel cot while I finish off the housework and when she's bored of that she'll potter around on the then freshly cleaned floor. When no. 2 comes along that baba will go in there and be hopefully relatively safe from DD. My cousin uses her playpen like this and her DS2 will lie happily in the play pen watching his mobile and his big brother runs around and generally leaves him alone. What I like about the travel cot is that the base is up off the ground so is a bit warmer for the lo's. Anyway wouldn't be without it and if we do head away DD is well used to being in the travel cot which is a help at night.
Herry Posts: 84
Smyths have travel cots. We plan on getting one, probably a graco travel cot. A couple of friends have these and they are very handy as a play pen, travel cot or for day time naps. There are still the old types though (lindam play pens).
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i'm definitely getting one this week. DS is crawling everywhere and is into everything now and i can't turn my back for a second. we have a travel cot that we used recently on holiday and it was a godsend, but it is in my mums during the week as she minds DS. also it is quite small so we're going to get one of the baby den playpens which is a bit bigger.
Bright Flower Posts: 483
We just bought one today! DD is rolling all over the place now so we're hoping this will help! Symths have them for €99.
Brideyz Posts: 380
Thanks a mil everyone! I really like the travel cot idea! It's good to know that people do still use them!!