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Waffle87 Posts: 3
Ok so bear with me this is a bit long. This is my 2nd installment and you all helped so much last time that I turn to you again. We had the big Wedding planned for November this year. My mum took ill suddenly and passed away. It hit us all so hard as we were extremly close so we decided, with the help and advice from all of you, to cancel our wedding as it would not have been the same. After a few months we decided to go ahead and plan a wedding abroad as it would be totally different and although it would be hard without her it would be nice as we spent a lot of time in this location. The plan is for next April. But in the meantime my partner and I have decided that we just want to be married, so we have booked into a registry office the day before xmas eve to make it official. But we have told NO ONE! My question is, should we tell our family about this wedding or not? I dont want ppl to think we cheated them out of being at the offical wedding but we dont really want a lot of ppl there as my view is, if the most important person cant be there i dont want anyone there. I dont know if that is right but its how I see it. All options will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks girls xXx
CasualBride Posts: 574
I genuinely think it's completely fine to do what you're doing! Maybe I'm different to other people, but for me, the best part about going to a wedding is the reception, not the actual marriage ceremony!! :) It wouldn't bother me in the slightest, the only thing that I'm thinking is, will your guests still all go abroad in April, knowing that it's now not the official wedding? You'd know the answer to that yourself, so I'm just wondering it myself.. I know for me, money is always tight so while I love going to weddings, when the time comes and I look at the bank balance, I am always thinking "oh God, how am I going to afford this!" so I'm just thinking that knowing myself and my husband, we'd be the type to end up not going!! But to answer your actual question - I really think that your marriage ceremony is entirely your business and what a lovely romantic secret, just before Christmas, to go off and get married in private! I think it's lovely TBH. Go for it x