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angel3 Posts: 1572
Girls can you help me :( My purse was stolen with my debit card and account number in my wallet, i also had my social card in it that states your RSI number and that, i cancelled my debit card but the operator in the bank said i wouldnt need to cancel my account as they would need ID to take some money out. I know it was silly of me to have my acc number in it but i was literally only after lodging money in to my account and had my number on the recipt,,, any help would be greatly appreciated????? Thanks so much girls :xxx
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
To be honest I would ring and get them to set me up a new account, just transfer your money to a new account number. Hopefully someone would just take the cash out of the wallet and destroy it but if you are worried you would be better to change your account number and put your mind at ease. So sorry to hear this happened to you. :o(
angel3 Posts: 1572
lucky bride - i think i will get on to them and do that it would put my mind more at ease its just so annoying, thanks again for the reply hun :thnk
july2010b2b Posts: 299
Ah thats a horrible thing to happen to you...... the bank will put a note on your a/c saying that your purse was stolen and your a/c details were in it, then when you ring them or go in they will be more cautious! And when you are in the bank you will need photo id to withdraw money! I would not worry too much about it as its happens a lot!! Hope that helps! :wv
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I often withdraw money from my account PTSB and I would use different branches too, I've never been asked for ID. The only thing is though, that who ever it is that tries to withdraw the cash would be caught on CCTV. If its not too much effort (think of your Direct Debits), then I'd get it changed.
angel3 Posts: 1572
Thanks again girlies, i will go down first thing on Tues, do you know who i contact regarding my social card? I also withdrew money from my PTSB account with no id as well thats why im worried - there are some scum bags in this world...