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boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Has anyone gotten relief from morning(all day!) sickness with Vit B6?? Please say you have, as i am at the end of my tether right now, and this is my last hope. Im sick all day long, i cant face food at all, im living on dry toast, bananas and coke. My stomach feels so empty, i cant stop burping, probably due to the coke, and that makes me feel sick. The taste in my mouth is horrendous, its like i swallowed nail varnish remover, or fly spray! :weep I havent vomited at all, but i was so tempted to make myself sick last night, just to get some relief. Ive lost 7lbs in one week, at this rate i'll be skin and bone by the time this sickness passes, if it ever does. :weep So someone please, just lie to me if you have to, but tell me this is going to work, pleeeeeease!!! :weep
goldie. Posts: 1233
No advice on the vitb but do know you can get lollipops in the chemist to help with the taste. They are anti-nausea ones for chemo patients. I only found out about them after this phase passed for me. Also really don't think the coke could be helping. Try eating a tiny bit every hour.
neemo Posts: 85
Hi Boodles Doodles, I'm afraid I cant tell you if the Vit B is the magic cure, think the cure varys for everyone. I do know that if things get really bad your GP can perscribe you tablets but for me all that kept me going was a diet of baby-ish food of scrambled egg and toast and good old fashioned plain rice. Not the most exciting I am afraid but hang in there, I am reliably assured that morning sickness equals healthy baby and helps avoid some of the really yeuky pregnancy symptoms later on! Keep hanging in there!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
sorry to hear your feeling unwell. I was the same as yourself constant nausua but not actually getting sick, i found eating fruit every hour or so helped as when i ate (little) the nausua would ease and as soon as it came back i'd nibble on someting healthy again (as i didnt want to be eating chocolate or biscuits etc). I think the coke maybe laveing a bad tast e in your mouth i find that in general with coke. I heard of the lillipops aswell and also the sickness wrist bands are suppose to help but i'm sure your pharmasist could advise you. Hope the sickness passes soon.
LittleAJ Posts: 68
HI Boodles Doodles. I wouldnt be fan of popping pills to help with the nausea. I was the same as you. Feeling sick quite a lot but not actually puking. From before i found out i was pregnant i had the feeling in my tummy and up until this week i found the best cure or remedy in the world was Jacobs crackers. The wholewheat ones were first on my list as i thought they had a bit of salt on them. Turns out they dont anymore but i devoured packets of them in the first few weeks. Also the Jacobs crackers in the long blue packet are fab, they have some salt on them. I always have them in my bag and dont care where i whip them out. I have an hour long bus trip morning and evening and cant cope with feeling sick on the bus so they are great. Im sure people are driven mad by me. Also i found that plain water was making me feel a little off so i started splashing in a little Mi Wadi Blackcurrent to take the bland taste away. If i may say i think the coke is your culprit. And im no medic but the caffeine isnt good for your little one either - dont want to sound awful but if it has worked for you up to now then cool. My midwife said to me a few weeks ago, as long as you are eating something for the first trimester and when this progresses to 2nd trimester then your appetite will come back and you can make up for the lack of nutrition then. As long as you are eating you can always make up for what you are missing out on later on. SHe also recommended that i finish up on my latest packet of folic acid and start taken Pregnacare which i will be starting on at the weekend. Boots are doing 3 for 2 this week on all vit and minerals. Pregnacare also do one with omegas in it. Maybe your healthcare professional could guide you on this. Please dont take my advice on over the counter stuff as every woman/pregnancy is different. However, I totally feel for you and wish you all the best. Oh one more thing. A little cheese on those crackers in the evening works a charm. The calcium is great for nausea. Fruit just didnt work for me at all. Felt sick at the thought of it. MAde a massive stew last night and it was fab. ALso started eating mandarins today as smothered with a cold and need vitamin c. Let us know what works for you. But remember baby needs little food in the very early days until the placenta is established so if you eat little then it doesnt make a difference. Eating for two is such a lie and not necessary. :thnk :wv
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
they say ginger is supposed to be good for nausea, maybe snack on some ginger nut biscuits :wv :wv Hope you feel better soon
JDD Posts: 1316
I didn't try Vitamin B6 so I don't know whether it works. And really nothing worked completely, but the things that helped me were the seasickness wrist bands I got in the chemist. Plain carbs were all I could stomach, so boiled potatoes, rice and wholemeal toast are your friends. I also felt carbonated water helped - it might be an alternative to the coke as that can't be helping your stomach. Oh, and don't get too hungry. It's more difficult than it sounds I know, because the last thing you want to do is eat, but hunger mixed with nausea is the worst combination.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I think B6 helped me a small bit, and I thought the Coke really helped. I don't know whether it was the bubbles or the taste but it sometimes settled my tummy. The only thing that deffo helped me was forcing something into my stomach every hour and a half. It could be a biscuit or a triangle of toast but just not letting your stomach get empty is key. Just keep telling yourself it can't last forever. :thnk
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Thanks girls. Yeah, i dont think B6 works at all. :weep The coke was helping but i think the fizz is killing me, cos the burping is giving me shocking heartburn. I know what you mean about not letting myself get hungry, and how difficult it is, cos the last thing i want to do is eat, but when i do i feel marginally better. If i can just force myself to eat every 2hrs or so. Its painful. And for someone who LOVES to eat this is alien to me. Ill try and get those salty crackers, cos im getting sick of the regular ones. I tried having mashed potato last night, helped a bit, but i could barely taste it. i hate ginger nut biscuits with a passion, but i think i may try them and see if they will be the miracle cure. How am i going to survive at least another 4weeks of this, i'll go demented! :weep :weep
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
You won't and I can tell you even if you suffer on it won't stay at the same intensity. I'm proof of that! Also try Elderberry cordial I found that sometimes settled my tum, GP recommended it! You can buy it in health shops or you can get a kind person to make you some.. Hang in there it does get better. :action32