Poll-Do you make dinner for yourself when hubby's not home?

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naynay Posts: 107
Just wondered? My husband works away during the week and I find it so depressing to come home and have to make dinner for one!!!!! :(
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
It depends really. Although I love cooking, my enthusiasm wanes when it's just for me. I try to have something on the evenings he's off so it suits me to eat at lunchtime in work anyway those days.
Miss X Posts: 1415
No I just couldn't be bothered, mind you if H2B is away I normally catch up on beauty appts and meet the girls etc. But if I was home alone I wouldn't cook.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
my hubbie is never away and we always have dinner together.If he is going to be really late i would have mine as i cant last very long without food :oops: doesnt happen often thank god
mrswed0505 Posts: 444
No I never cook a dinner for myself if he's not there. just take the lazy way out and get a take-away so thankfully its not very often hes not there or I would be living of take-aways
mrs d oct 04 Posts: 282
Always cook a dinner. We only have dinner maybe twice a week together cause of his job and his hours. Often though if i do lasagne or whatever I always make loads extra and freeze it and then i have a portion for dinner whenever i want!!! Wouldn't go hungry me!!! :D
MrsP2B Posts: 180
I have to be really in the mood otherwise i just snack which i know is really bad
2557 Posts: 885
I'd normally just make some pasta or something equally easy. otherwise, I'd use it as an excuse to go to the chipper or the pub with the girls!!!
Grainne20 Posts: 835
I would if I am in the mood, but take away is sssoooo much easier, or even better go out for a nice dinner with the girlies...thats what i am doing tomorrow night, hubbie is away with his girls fri and all day sat!!! :cry:
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
h2b works at night so i always cook dinner for myself and make some for him too and then if he doesnt eat it i can have it the next day. :D i love cooking but years of working in hospital has fostered an obsession with doing things from scratch so i'll often be left there making a red wine jus at 11 o'clock when he comes in, and'll have got nothing else done all night!