POLL - How many of you got pregnant using fertility friend?

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
I thought this might be the best place to post this as you're all either pregnant or have babies... Thanks ETA: I'm TTC and am really interested to know whether it works or not...cos it hasn't been working for me!
MrsRed Posts: 397
Got PG using FF and OPK's on first month, but wasnt to be, Got PG again on Third month using OPK's and FF. FF is great for looking back on trends over previous months, and letting you know when you have ovulated, but it can make you obsessive!.. Well it did for me anyways, I was constantly looking at my chart, trying to analyse :babydust:
pag Posts: 633
On baby no. 1 - was just off the pill and using only fertility friend and got pg first month. On baby no. 2 - used fertility friend for three months and then got bfp. It was mainly a timing issue for us - tiredness and LO who didn't sleep the night made dtd difficult. Have you tried doing the SMEP plan in conjunction with FF.
round2 Posts: 72
I used FF, OPK's Took my temp, BD'd for 7 days solid put legs in the air for an hour after obsessed about it 24/7 the 1st time, it took 9 months. Stopped using contriception the 2nd time and two weeks later had BFP!! So don't know how to vote!! Best of luck, it's pointless tell you to relax and it will happen as I know myself the 1st time I was beyond obsessed!!