Power Walking on your lunch hour?

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sparkles Posts: 293
Hi, I really want to get into this, at least a 30min walk during lunch, does anyone do this? Do you find much of a difference? Any tips on how to not stink them out here in the office after lunch :o0 , as there is only one teeny weeny ladies toilet to use. Sparkles *)
foxy bride Posts: 778
hi i do this as much as i can walk varies from 22min up to 45min bring face cloth in ur gear bag with some shower gel quick wash under ur arms deodrant and ur off :o)ll
sparkles Posts: 293
Never even thought of face cloth and shower gel - great :o)ll That's tomorrow's lunch hour accounted for :wv
steen Posts: 1335
I actually keep a packet of baby wipes and deodrant in my desk in work also really handy
foxy bride Posts: 778
steen excellant idea O-O
serenity Posts: 3675
I walk everyday on my lunch, Like Steen, I keep baby wipes and deodrant and body spray in my drawer at work and anyway, in this crappy weather, even power walking, doesn't make you sweat too much!!! However, back in April, when I was out walking in that glorious sunshine, it made me sweat big time.... but the wipes and deo went down a treat!!! and open windows :o0