preg after mc so nervous

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big mama Posts: 623
hi girls i just found ou ttoday i am pregnant yipee!!!! havent told anyone just hubby , while i am delighted again i am pretty freaked out i had a mc in dec and a dc to which took me a while to get my head round , so as my af was due and i didnt want to test on the 13th here iam . but how am i supposed to relaxafter the last time , any one any advise??? :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi and congratulations! It is very hard to relax after having had a m/c, but there is a lot of support here, I suggest you join the thread 'pregnant after m/c' on this forum as there are a lot of girls in the same situation as you that you can share your thoughts with. Here is to happy and healthy 9 months! :wv
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Congrats Mrshyde, don’t really have much advice on how you could relax but just wanted to say Congratulations to you! I had a M/C last month & I know when my time comes again that Ill be a nervous wreck but I’m sure that’s only natural. As hu101 said join the girls on the “pregnant after a m/c” thread & I’m sure you’ll get lots of support there. Try to relax & enjoy this exciting time. Congrats again! :o)ll
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
Congrats mrshyde and i hope you will have a healthy 8 months ahead of you. Do join us over in the Pregnancy after MC/Loss section. hoepfully we can answer any questions/fears you may have. all the girls are great for support on that thread. i know how you are feeling its hard until you get through your 12 week scan and you still continue to worry about it after that. have you an early scan booked?
newone Posts: 1714
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
If it's any consolation, this is my first pregnancy and I am wondering the same thing re: relaxing. I think I've spent so much time on the ttc boards that I am acutely aware that things can and do go wrong (and let's face it, the odds are probably higher for me there's a higher rate of m/c in first pg). I don't have any joy about BFP really.. just wishing my life away and finding it slow going. My plan is to ditch weddingsonline for a while even though I love it here and want so badly to see how people are getting on.. just because it worries me and I'd rather not *assume* things are going to go wrong - it's just not healthy! I'm going to read lots of funny books and watch comedies and try to stop myself thinking negative thoughts... I'm convinced the hormones don't help but most people have never really considered it on their first pg. Happy and healthy pg to you anyway xxx look forward to seeing you around on p+b or m+k in the future xxx