pregnant bridesmaid dress

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surfer babe Posts: 18
Hi Im wondering if anyone could recommend a maternity wear shop that would have nice occasional wear for my sister who will be 7months pregnant for my wedding. We are looking for something cream or pink and are hoping to make a trip to cork next week. Thanks in advance!
usafegirl Posts: 3
Hiya, There is a place in Lucan Village that only sells maternity wear. Its a little expensive but there are not a lot of options when it comes to pregnant women going to weddings!!! They have some really nice stuff though. The only thing is i can't remember the name of the shop. Will find out though and let you know.
over it Posts: 2779
There is a shop on Clarendon Street, beside SSG shopping centre- cant think of the name of it but they do lovely maternity clothes. They have some really pretty dresses at the moment so it may be worth having a look there.
Ger Posts: 10
Hi there, I had the same issue, my sister is due the week after my wedding. I'm having 3 bridesmaids, my pregnant sister is wearing a black empire line dress and we've ordered extra pink material (colour of other 2 bridesmaids dresses) to do a sash around the middle under the bust. My attitude was that she had to be comfortable in what she's wearing and this was the most comfortable for her, i think it will blend in fine with the other dresses but i don't care if it doesn't. We ordered all 3 dresses from Aphrodite in Newcastlewest and they were extremely helpful. Best of luck with finding the right dress!!
shoegal Posts: 323
watters & watters do some preg. BM dresses good luck.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Formes also have some nice dressy pieces at the moment