Prob a stupid question.... (re scans)

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redwifey Posts: 2932
I am going to my gp on Friday evening. I am really worrying and stressing that everything is not ok with the baby so I am going to see if she will send me to the maternity hosp for a scan to see if things are ok. My first scan is not until 11 weeks. My question is: 1. Would it be too early to go for a scan at 6 weeks ie would they be able to see anything? 2. Is it possible to get a scan done on a Saturday or is it only during the week? Sorry for the stupid question, just stressing a bit over the last few weeks over the fact that I have epilepsy and the medication is supposed to affect the developing baby. Also, bar feeling tired, I feel fine so just worried that something is wrong. I am in Limerick by the way. Thanks everyone RW :thnk
sinion Posts: 6050
6 weeks is most likely too early to scan as there just won't be anything there to see yet, heartbeat will only just be getting ready to start beating. I had a lot of early bleeding and they wouldn't scan me until 7 weeks when they found a heartbeat. Your gp may send you to the early pregnancy unit in your hospital if they think there is a problem, but without any bleeding or cramps they most likely won't. Have you had either of these? With regards to the epilepsy, has your gp said anything about altering your medication? If it's a case that the drugs you're on can affect the baby then i'd be very surprised if they haven't, should be the first thing they do. If you're concerned about the drugs you're on having an affect on the baby then I wouldn't wait until Friday, can you not go see your doctor sooner than that?
alton Posts: 3077
You poor thing! As far as I know 6 weeks is the earliest that they can really detect much on the scanners. If the GP won't send you for one, you can book a private scan yourself. I think Mt Carmel, the Blackrock Clinic and the Charlemont Clinic do them (approx e200) I'm not saying not to trust your intuitions, but also remember that worry is normal, especially in the first trimester. After my first scan I cried for about half an hour in sheer relief because I had done nothing but worry for the whole 12 weeks. Let us know how you get on.
redwifey Posts: 2932
Thanks girls. Am probably just driving myself nuts unneccesarily and probably just need to relax. It's just that I feel perfectly fine and was expecting to feel a bit rough. Sinion - no bleeding, have cramps alright on and off but I assume these are just stretching ones. My GP is aware of the medication but she advised me to stay on it. Meeting the neurologist next week so hopefully that will put my mind at ease a bit. Alton - thanks for the advice, I probably am totally over reacting and I am prob perfectly fine but just expected to feel a whole lot worse IYKWIM - I know there are loads of women now just thinking I should thank my lucky stars :o0 Thanks for helping me
alton Posts: 3077
Pregnancy is a funny business - there's the point where you are longing for a bit of morning sickness just to know that everything is ok, and then there is the point where you're longing for just one nausea-free hour. I only started feeling properly pregnant around week six or so, so don't worry about being symptom free so far. I haven't experienced the third trimester yet, so I'll probably have to eat my words soon, but I honestly think that the first trimester with all it's uncertainty and secrecy is the the hardest part of the process. Don't be shy about seeking reassurance if you need it. Your emotional well being is a very important aspect of pregnancy too. Take care of yourself pet!
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
you poor pet, sorry to hear that you are soo anxious, but believe me you're going to be this way for the next 9 months... so get used to it!! I had very early scans, due to history of miscarraige, and even though they couldnt' see a baby, they could see a 'cluster' and sac at about 6 weeks... I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to bring any unnecessary stress on yourself, and get yourself to EPU for reassurance... even the simple thing like blood test, monitoring your HCG levels will help you Good luck to you, hope all goes well x
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
I had one at 5 weeks 4 days and all you could see was a pregnancy sac. At around 6 and a half weeks we got the heartbeat
baby-bel Posts: 929
Hiya, I had an early scan due to bleeding and that was 5wks 6 days, my babys heart beat was visible at that stage :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll hope you get reassurrance :lvs
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
redwifey, sorry to hear you feel so worried. As the other girls said, talk to your Gp about the medicine and ask for an early scan. You said you feel fine at the mo and that worries you too. I felt fine until the middle of my 6th week, when apparently the hormones are getting stronger - so you may start to experience m/s from that week onwards... :-8
norahbean Posts: 17
Hi Redwifey, I am also in the Limerick area & I went for a scan last week, I would have been 6weeks & 6days the day I went & as well as seeing a really strong heart beat you could definitely see something in there (the shape of a kidney bean). The reason I went for the early scan was I had a very small amount of spotting over a 5 day period so I rang my doctors office and got talking to the nurse there and she was the one who rang and made the appt for me in the EPU. I think if you're worried enough just ring up your doc and tell them your not feeling well and would it be possible for them to make an appt in the maternity for you to get checked out & get a scan. In the hospital they are so lovely and they will go through all your medical history with you and I'm sure they will tell you if the medication you are taking is harming the baby or not. And I promise you as soon as you see that little bean on the screen and see the heart beating you will feel a 100 times more relaxed about things. The only thing is since I've become so relaxed the morning sickness has hit with a vengence :o0 Just so you know I got my appt in the maternity for 9:30am & I was out of there by 10:30 so you wouldn't need to take a lot of time off work if you had to go during the week. Not sure if they do Saturdays but give admissions a ring and I'm sure they will tell you. If your worried about things don't wait until Friday because you will drive yourself demented, ring your doctor now and ask them to setup an appt for the morning in the maternity. Since we're both in the Limk area feel free to PM if you have any other questions. Take it easy for now pet :wv