Problems booking hospital!!!!

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January Baby Posts: 1427
Finding it near impossible to book a consultant in Holles Street. I've tried Dr. Declan Keane, Dr Peter McParland and Stephen Carroll and all booked up. Starting to consider going to the rotunda at this point- anyone recommend anyone there?
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Try Dr. Robson in Holles Street.
july7812 Posts: 1787
If you've no luck with Holles St, try Dr Geary in the Rotunda, he's the master there and is absolutly brilliant.
buzybumble Posts: 831
Did you try Peter Boylan in Holles St. He's very nice and is a an ex master. Not that, that means he's any better than the rest.
girlymum Posts: 696
Peter Boylan delivered my friend's baby and he was great. He wrote a book about giving birth in hospital in Ireland.
Pixelsgirl Posts: 290
Are people booking their appt even though there are only minutes pregnant!!! Dr Peter Mc Kenna seems to be good, I know a few people who have gone with him & all v happy with him.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Im with Dr.Barry Gaughan in Rotunda and find him to be excellent!
January Baby Posts: 1427
Pixelsgirl, as you can see from my post Yes I am booking my appointments already!!!! ("5 weeks!!!) This is the first thing you need to do when you find out you are pregnant as advised by doctor!!!! Otherwise the hospitals will be booked out for your due date and as you read in my post already I'm finding it difficult to find a consultant that's free for next July!!!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i had the same problem with holles st (private) - i was 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant (ie had literally just missed my period and tested) when i rang - i don't think i could have rung any earlier. Anyway, they told me that "early december is a very busy time for having a baby" and that they were all booked up ....basically i think holles street is stretched to point of collapse and getting an appointment is very difficult. i went with Dr Gleeson in the rotunda (private clinic) and i've been very happy so far. the secretaries at the rotunda were far friendlier too when i rang to make an appointment.
Sassy Posts: 2269
Babycrazy try Dr Orla Shiel. My cousin went to her and found her brilliant. There is also the one georgina ahern went to Prof McAulliffe. I have heard good things about Dr Robson.