Q about anamoly (20 wk) scan?

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi all Looks like everyone had a pretty good weekend going by all the BFP's coming in this morning - congrats to all but i was wondering about the anamoly scan i will be having 2 weeks today - what exactly do they do there - it is a detailed scan i know but will i also get bloods and everything taken again do you think? My MIL was saying to ask them about it as i may need iron tablets as am still pretty tired most of time and not sleeping well at night...all replies are welcome!
snozberry Posts: 1212
no you dont usually have bloods as you are only going to the scan dept not for your usual check up. If you feel you need iron then ring and see if you can go in or ask your own gp if you can start taking something.... usually the spatone are the best to start on as they are not very strong at all - you mix the sachet with a little orange juice. But they may be enough to give you the boost you need. The scan will be fab... hope partner can go with you (although if hes anything like my hubby, wont be able to make anything out but pretends he can!!! :o0 ) they will measure you to check size against your due date, check heart, lungs, kidneys skull and limbs... and of course you will get your magical pictures. Enjoy! Just to say NEVER laminate these pictures as they just go completely black! Happened to a guy at work, he was so excited showing everyone his first baby and thought he was doing a good thing by laminating it - he was nearly in tears going home thinking his wife would murder him!!! :eek
jen2 Posts: 3106
When I had the 20 weeks scan at 22 weeks, they checked everything with the baby. All the organs etc. Then I saw the doctor. I then had routine bloods done again. THese were requested my the doctor, as I have been lossing alot of blood from kidney stones. But I dont think they are done all the time. Did not have them done on DS at 20 week scan. I think my docotr usually does bloods at 12 weeks and 36 weeks. Hope that helps. You must be so excited about the scan. If you feel tired, just ask them to do a repeat of routine bloods. They should not have a problem with this. Jen2
Itisasecret Posts: 389
Good Morning, I am not sure what hospital you are attending but in Holles St. it is a scan and not bloods etc. It is called an anomoly scan but they will only detect things if they are obviously wrong and do not go searching for specifc things. Check out this link. I was mislead about this and there was a debate about it on another website so just be informed. It is more accurate to call it a dating scan really. Aain I am referring to Holles St. only. http://www.nmh.ie/Internet/index.php?pa ... alFAQ.html Good Luck and Enjoy it!! Ask your GP or Obs about iron as it safe to take it from 14 weeks generally. I took Spatone which you pur into juice or water and is gentle on the stomach. It boosted my energy no doubt. :wv :wv
grumpy Posts: 1280
If you're feeling very tired, you can request to have your levels checked. I had blood taken twice more than usual in the pregnancy as I was so tired. My levels weren't unusually low though, so it was probably more to do with diet (I could barely look at vegetables throughout the pregnancy) than an actual "problem". I was also advised just to take Spatone.
blushing b2b Posts: 288
i had my anomoly scan on friday. like other poster have said its a detailed scan to check growth, heart etc. At first the sonographer had the screen turned to herself so she could do her checks then she turned the screen towards us to show us everything from heart beat to brain size. i must admit looking at its face was a bit freaky - obviously its only the skull/bone structure you see but to me it looked like the scream mask!!!!! i am in the uk so they might do stuff differently over here but my next blood tests are not until week 28 and because my blood type is rhesus negative i will also have anti d injections then i agree with not laminating scans - i did read it somewhere before that it ould cause the pic to melt. I have scanned my pics onto pc so i will always have a copy and to email the image to my family in ireland. Using a scanner doesnt cause harm harm to your scan pic