Question for those of you with Dogs?

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porshe Posts: 1359
Silly question, but those of you with Dogs, where do you put your pram/buggy. My little man has the boot with a grid across which stops him jumping into the car. I couldn't put the pram there as it gets very hairy :o0
Jeidi Posts: 3128
We have 6 dogs, but DH has an estate and a work van that we can bring the dogs off in, so they dont have to go in the boot of mine. Either you'll have to hoover out the boot after every doggy excursion, or, will the buggy fit in the back seat? Sorry cant be of more help
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Sorry cant help ive the one dog a little JR so i have doggie bag she travels in so no hair anymore thank god it used to drive me mad :wv
lollypop Posts: 317
Hi girls, Have any of you had any jealousy problems with the dogs and babies? I'm not due until April and I'm already worried how our fella will cope. He is so spoiled and I can't see him being happy when the baby arrives.
_Arwen_ Posts: 252
Hi Lollypop, I have the same fears - I'm due in April as well and our dog is spoiled rotten. She sleeps on our bed which is something we have to put a stop to - sooner rather than later - but convincing DH is taking some work! We allow her to get up on the furniture but she is good about getting down when told to. She's just quite dominant (DH is pack leader, followed by her, followed by me!!) I just want her off the bed at night and during the day, but ideally out of the room. I don't know where to start retraining her. I don't want to put her downstairs, but even sleeping on the landing would do. I think if we just close our door then she will get into the habit of sleeping somewhere else - that's fine during the day, but at night she'll howl the house down trying to get in!!
lollypop Posts: 317
Hi Arwen78, Yep, same here, he sleeps outside which is good I suppose, and when werer out we put him out the back. But when were home, forget it. He knows were there and will go ballistic to get in, jump at the back door and bark his head off. He winds himself up so much to get in. I'll have to start leaving him out a couple of hours a day now and get him used to it I think. Its going to be like having a new baby now listening to him crying and then a new one in April :o0 :o0 :o0 Good Luck with your retraining!!
LabLady Posts: 4325
If you do a good search re jealousy there are a few topics in here somewhere. I dont have any kids yet but have been working with my 2 since we got them, 1 5year old and 1 18month old lab's. The 18month old is still learning but the old lady is very good. I have been holding babies around both of them, have trained them not to touch fallen bottles and pacifiers. Getting up on furniture is a big NO NO. Even if you dont have kids you should not encourage it because of the dominance aspect. A cuddle is not disallowed but no lounging on the furniture. As for the buggy and the dog in the boot. If you plan on travelling with both. My suggestion is leave the dog in the boot. If you can at all fit the buggy into the car, on the ground of the back seat if fits but I know most are not that easy to fit. Best of luck in whatever you find suits you though,.
porshe Posts: 1359
Thanks for your replies Jeidi, Darki and MK, what am I like worrying about this :-8 Think I will have to buy a pram that fits in the car in the back seat, my canine baby will have enough change to put up with x
Barbalou Posts: 1617
We have two fur babies and I like to go home about once a month to see the folks. That's usually about a 2hr + Drive (Dublin to Limerick). The dogs go in the boot. We have a CRV so loads of room for them. Hoping to get a pram/buggy that will fit with McDrama in the back seat and going to buy one of those roof rack storage pods to carry everything else. At home they sleep in the house and are very much part of the household, we won't be changing where they sleep, we will have to possibly give a quick vacum twice a day during the summer as that's when Buddy sheds his hair the most. They only jump on furniture when invited up for a cuddle and they are very good around kids. I keep telling them theres a baby/puppy in my tummy and he'll be here after Xmas, the terrier brings me her ball every time I say this and cocks her head to the side when I say baby (it's so cute). We'll be doing the usual introductions and DH will bring home a muslin with Baby's scent on it before I get home, just so they're expecting it. I think they're going to be fine
princess! Posts: 348
im the same with my little dog we have him spoilled actually to the extent when dh tells him to go to mammy he will run over to me. he gets jealous if we cuddle up and goes mental when he hears babies cry even on the tv, not due until april. so our house should be great fun then!!!!