questions on aussie & visa

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pinkpanter Posts: 191
hey guys im wondering if ye can help me out. my brother has been let off work and a few of his friends have no work so there deciding to go australia to work for awhile. my brother is a carpenter but never got his exams but he would have letters from employers stating his work is perfect and reliable. how does he go about getting a visa and how long does it take? any info would be helped thanks. by the way he is 24
roxychick Posts: 1802
I went a few years ago and did everything through Usit. As far as I can remember they did it through visa first. After looking it up and they do one year working visas in 48 hours. Have a look at
bondi Posts: 114
I was in Oz working a few years ago and got me Visa through Visafirst, fairly straight forward. he will have no probs getting work as a carpenter, my H2B is a carpenter and had loads of work out there, even his friend who wasnt a carpenter got work as a chippy out there!!