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bimbochick Posts: 95
:wv Girls, have been keeping an eye on this site today and i've come to the conclusion that there cannot be that many bored women in this country who sit at home all day watching for replies to their woes :hic - so here is my question - how many of you ladies out there are actually at work and are spending the hours dossing about on the net?? i know i bloody am! *)
clucky Posts: 26471
me but in my defence i dispatched 62 invoices this morning
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
me too , but i don't doss as much as clucky !!!!
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Me but in my defence I did 2 hours audio typing and 2 hours scanning and filing this morning.
meowwww Posts: 295
me, but I literally have no work to do, did my things to do this morning. I would love to have work the day just draggggsss
Angel* Posts: 625
OMG I was just thinking the same thing today, I get on WOL as much as possible in work but nowhere near as much as you lot. I can't keep up with ye.... Dossers :o0
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I WOL mostly in work but since I work 12 hours a day (stupid global operation) I'm kinda entitled to doss a bit! >:o)
dreamer Posts: 3941
Its not that I don't have a million and one things to do, its just that sometimes, this is more interesting!!
bimbochick Posts: 95
Girls i am pissing myself laughing here - never before have i gotten so many 'notification' emails for my watched topic - we are all fuppin brilliant ya know that. Nutters the lot of us - keep up the dossing, i am very proud of you all >:o)
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Think of what a combined drain on the Irish economy we are - in years to come, kids in school will have to learn about the WOL factor, and the detrimental effect it had, and its contribution to the demise of the Celtic Tiger... >:o)