Rash during pregnancy???

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sunflower1 Posts: 154
Hi girls, just wondering has anyone else experienced having a rash in early pregnancy? The last few days i've noticed a rash on the backs of my knee's, the top of my hips and on my stomach. It's itchy at times. Has anybody else ever heard of this?? One more question, i'm nearly 8 weeks and i'm massive already, i look like i'm about 4 months gone, is this normal on your second? Thanks girls
mamadotie Posts: 884
Hi sunflower1, I got what I thought was heat rash from very early on in pregnancy. It would come and go, but I had it regularly. When I was around 30 weeks pregnant, I was at a dermatologist's for a completely different issue, when he noted the rash. He asked me was I using Bio-Oil or other stretch mark cream. I told him that I was - I'd been using it regularly since the start. He said that it wasn't allowing my skin to breathe, I was over-heating myself, and if I didn't stop using it, I would likely develop PUPPS (extremely bad pregnancy rash, usually towards the end of pregnancy). I stopped using the oil straight away, and took his advice to use only Silcock's Base from then on, and within days the rash was gone. So it's possible it could be something like that for you. However, if you stop using creams and oils and the rash doesn't go away, I'd definitely pick up the phone and ask your GP.
lolly2010 Posts: 707
I hope its not PUPPPS, i was around 8 weeks when i got it and it lasted about 3 and half weeks, its was awful, when it started it was just slightly itchy at times then it spread and spread (i had it on arms, stomach, boobs, hips, thighs, back of knees, bum and back) by the end i taught id loose my mind O:| ended up pulling the tips of my hairbrush and sat scratching with that one night, i know thats sounds horrific but it was all i could do, it gets to a stage where the itch becomes constant, couldnt sleep or anything... so i would realy recommend that you go see a doc and ask what it is, because if it is PUPPP the sooner the better you start a streiod cream and get rid of the rash. And yep like mamadotie said the rash is usualy only at the end of pregnancy, the doctors couldnt say why i got it early, but they say it can be linked to multiple births and boy births (iv a daughter already, and never even heard of this rash till this pregnancy) Hope you get sorted soon :action32 O and i ment to say, i got very big very quick this time aswell. By the time i was 4 months people were asking me how many DAYS i had left :eek
paperclips Posts: 3146
You may be dehydrated and as a result a rash might occur - make sure to drink plenty of liquids especially water
sunflower1 Posts: 154
Thanks for all your reply girls, i'll keepan eye on it over the next few days and if it's not improving i'll go to my doc. Thanks