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amour Posts: 53
Just a quick question for anyone who has any experience with raw silk.. i went wedding dress shopping yesterday and found a really lovely dress. Not at all what i had in mind.. in fact the exact opposite of what i thought i'd like!!! The thing is it's made of raw silk. My concern is that it will get very creased and look terrible. I've at least an hours journey to get from my house to the church and at least another hour to get from the church to the reception venue. Do you think it will be ruined? It's quite a very big flouncy dress with a lot of material in it.... So will be very difficult to sit down in anyway. I cant imagine it fitting into the wedding car...!! Any advice appreciated. Thank you :lvs :lvs
dreamer Posts: 3941
I haven't but am interested in any experiences also, as the dress I have is raw silk (not a wedding dress - just a dress) So - BUMP!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Same here - this never crossed my mind ... another thing to worry about!
WinterGal Posts: 835
I made 2 dresses out of raw silk. 1 straight dress and 1 with a puffy skirt. The straight dress looked awful expecially where the material creased around the belly area from sitting down (I'd never make a straight dress again from raw silk). And the puffy skirt was fine, you'd never notice any creases (the bodice in this dress was a different fabric). Anybody else any experience on this?
amour Posts: 53
I'd love to hear from anybody out there who actually had a raw silk dress on their wedding day. I'm starting to think i should choose a dress that i didn't like as much but which i know for a fact wont be affected by sitting in a car. So at least when i get to the church the dress looks like its supposed to. As opposed to choosing a dress which i actually prefere but which wont look right when i get to the church.. and my guests will only see it looking creased and not its best. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
curliwurli Posts: 3369
is anyone actually going to notice a few creases?? maybe i am naive but it wouldnt be the sort of thing i would remember about a bride after the event. i would get the dress if it is the one you really want. on the other hand if it is going to be bothering you to have creases on the day and you wouldnt be able to relax wearing it then maybe you should keep looking
B2BSept07 Posts: 106
My dress is raw silk and i never even thought of this. the top or bodice part is all ruffled anyway so hopefully it won't be an issue. i do have over an hour in the car also to the reception... eeekkkk