really bad constipation

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sally Posts: 1140
I have really bad constipation at the mo, have taken senokot the last two nights and am eating lots of bran flakes, linseeds, fruit and veg but nothing is shifting. Senokot usually works ok for me- im quite prone to this - but not this time. Can anyone reccommend anything as its getting quite uncomfortable. My period is late coming back after I stopped the pill as well so I feel nothing from the waist down is working at the moment!
MORPH Posts: 22
heya suffering a bit of that myself, its a killer and so bloody uncomfortable. Just a suggestion, bran flakes only contain 20% of your daily fibre but All bran (not as nice I know) contains nearly 50% of what you need daily. Cut out bananas, this is the only fruit to avoid. Try those fruit juices with added fibre. Or try dried fruits, apricots, prunes that sort of thing. Loads and loads of water aswell. Good luck, :thnk
kitten Posts: 893
i take psyllium husks. you can get them in holland and barrett and they're quite cheap for a big bag. you have to drink plenty of water or they'll make the constipation worse so I add about 3 tbsp to 2L water. It tastes a bit odd at first but you'll get used to it.
kitten Posts: 893
just reread your post. if you're not pregnant, take dulcolax - they'll clean you out!
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi there, I suffer from this really badly too, and I have to agree that psyllium husks are the best way to go, or failing that - the dreaded prune juice will get things moving in not time! :-8 Also, If possible try to increase you water intake during the day & first thing in the morning (if you have time) have a cup of boiling water with a slice of lemon it it, that gets things moving too... best of luck, there is nothing worse :-8
*gone* Posts: 4785
Two or more glasses of orange juice first thing in the morning normally gets things really moving for me when I am like that! Or like Kitten said, dulcolax ... don't be tempted to take two the first time, only take one - otherwise you'll be bent over for the day with the cramps that two give you!
babe06 Posts: 898
Sally - was just wondering are you taking folic acid - or any iron supplments? I find when I take either I get completely constipated. My GP told me that no way would folic acid do that to me but I swear it is. I've tried taking it every 2nd day but still no result. I just find when i take it I don't go but as soon as I stop - everything starts working again. Wether or not I take my orange juice in the morning - I swear by this. Also tropicana doa fiber jiuce which is brilleint - you can get it in supermarkets in the fridge. Bran never did it for me and a kinesiologest told me it can have the adverse effect. Hope this helps.
SJo Posts: 85
[color=indigo:y19oqlv5]I find dried apricots great![/color:y19oqlv5]
Sphynx Posts: 6795
You poor thing. Constipation is horrible! 4 things that never fail with me: Have a mug of luke warm water before you eat anything each morning Eat a big bowl of stewed prunes! Have a mug of strong filtered coffee in the morning (before 11) If all else fails, go for an Indian and order a v. hot madras!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
...and there's always Syrup of Figs! You can still get this at the chemist.