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Garfield Posts: 89
Hello!! Im not sure if im just worrying over nothing but since i became preg(im 6 wks) ive been really worried about having a m/c. i know most people are the same . however today i dont know whats gotten into me but im sick with worry that i have an ectopic preg. my shoulder blade is kinda sore kind of paining a little but sore to touch and i also have a pain in my back not my lower back higher up kinda the kidney area. SOrry for sounding neurotic. Just looking for some advice. My doc has no surgery today not until tomorrow? Any advice would be really apreciated. Thanks
bellabella Posts: 2750
Ok pet now take a deep breath and relax. Everything will be ok. Have u got vhi u can ring there helpline. When my sister was pregnant she rang the coombe (even though she wasnt attending there ),they were so helpful a doc got on the phone and gave her all the info she needed for her query. So get yourself busy on the phone u cant wait till 2morrow when u are so stressed. You need some reassurrance from a doc. let me know how u get on.
nettie07 Posts: 293
didnt want to read and not reply, i think its all part of pg, you obsess over every ache and pain, i had days were i was so upset over the possiblites of a mc. Why not attend another drs surgery today if only to put ur mind at ease. Also if you talk to ur partner just to talk to some one will help you relax a bit. you poor pet, i hope ur ok. nettie
summer days Posts: 112
Hi Garfield When I was 6 weeks I posted on here too.. I was all worried because I was having serious cramps and suspected that I too was going to m/c or have an etopic pg. The girls here were lovely and calmed me down but it was only the doctor that really put my mind at rest. Give the hospital a ring, they are the most trained to will help you out. For the record, my doctor told me that somtimes all the worry in early pregnancy is down to several factors. Firstly, it is natural to feel protective of the little being growing inside you and your instinct to protect often starts immediately one is aware they are pregnant. Secondly, internet use, books and TV programmes (particularly ER, Gray's Anatomy (she named it) and those birth stories on Discovery Home and Leisue) often frighten the beejaysus out of mothers (especially first-timers). Finally, stretching pains and unexplainable cramps are hard to desipher for a new mom-to-be and they cause undue stress which leads to panic.. Please don't panic, give your hospital a buzz - they will help you. Or if you have VHI call the nurse.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
hi there... I don't wish to panic you, but i was the same last week and I did suffer a miscarraige.. I had all the same symptoms as yourself.. the panic, the pain, the cramp etc. etc. I know sometimes it can be just 'normal' and go on with a very healthy pregnancy but if I were you I would go straigt to A&E.. when this happened to me last week, I was referred to the hospital, and had to wait nearly 3 hours before anyone could see me.. at this stage I knew in my heart it was too late.. So from my experience, I would go straight to A&E or out of hours surgery or something, but if it doesn't 'feel right' go and get it checked out. I hope to God that you will be fine!! Best Wishes MTW
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Garfield, I am the exacted same as you (I think it goes with the early pregnancy) if you don’t feel right and if the pain is too strong go to your doctor or the hospital they are WELL use to women who are anguish and they really do know how to put your mind at ease….. Try not to worry to much (I KNOW much easier said then done) wish I could take some of my own advice, but your certainly not alone on this one…I am the same and I am sure :roll: all the other girls on here are too.
over the moon Posts: 676
To be honest I think once you become pregnant, panic & worry can so easily take over once the excited of a BFP has eased. Especially for a first time mum to be, all the pains and aches can set alarm bells ringing because we know no better. We set targets for ourselves, first weekly and then we think that it'll be grand once you get over 12wks and have first scan. But I have to say the worry never goes away. I'm 18+2 wks pregnant and am counting the days til 20wks scan to make sure everything is ok. I would say that it is just your body adjusting to the pregnancy but for piece of mind and reassurance I would contact your doctor asap and get checked out. Good luck and let us know how you get on. OTM x :D [url=][img:1s4uyr4q][/img:1s4uyr4q][/url:1s4uyr4q]
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Garfield, how are you feeling today?? Did you go to the doctor? Hope all is well for you.
Garfield Posts: 89
HI everyone, sorry for the late reply i took friday off work. Went to the doctor friday morning and thank god everything is fine. I have a touch of ibs as im really constipated one minute then completely opposite the next so this is what the pains are coming from. It was such a relief. Doc was really nice and said that its only natural to worry especially on first baby and that its always best to get these things checked out. Thanks to everyone for there kind words i really appreciate it.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Great news Garfield - I'm so glad everything is ok, I'm sure you were worried sick. You did the right thing though, better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully now you can kick back and enjoy the rest of your time!