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clumsybride Posts: 245
Hi girls, Just passed by Rhinestones today and they have the most stunning jewlery, asked them to hold three neckpeices for me as i could not decide. if anyone is looking for vintage or unusual pieces they should pop in c
medea49 Posts: 324
They do have beautiful jewellry in there, but as someone who collects antique jewellry I find them horrifically overpriced. There are pieces I own that I've bought through vintage stores (not even through flea markets or auctions which are always cheaper) that are identical to the ones they have there, and Rhinestones has them marked 4-5 times as much as I've paid. Guess they must have expensive rent. They do have very high quality stuff, though...
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Yes, I saw a choker in their that I dearly wanted. But I couldn't justify 350 Euro for one piece of vintage costume jewellery, so I found a girl in England who's making me a necklace and tiara from vintage jewellery and some cufflinks to match and it all comes in dramatically cheaper than Rhinestones. I can PM you pictures of what she's made me if u like? To be honest, if you feel they're way overpriced keep hunting. HTH,M.
I Do Posts: 102
Hi Micheller, If you could PM me too that would be great! Thanks
clumsybride Posts: 245
Hi Micheller. If you could pm me that would be great. Their stuff is stunning but if you can get it cheaper somewhere else all the better. thanks clumsy
medea49 Posts: 324
Just another vintage jewelry tip-- here's a Canadian online shop I've purchased pieces from before-- they've been fab and are very keenly priced. Shipping to ireland is very inexpensive for jewelry: