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WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Any woman who has had a baby always says... leave your dignity at the door when you go into labour. I am the first one of my friends/family to have a baby (well in recent years!!) and so I have nobody close enough to ask all the gory details. So I'd really love if some lovely Mummies could tell it to me as it is. I know that you can't plan how the birth will all go or every little detail & every labour will be different but I would at least like to have as much information as possible going into this. I am not squeamish & am genuine in wanting to know whats ahead of me. Thank you :thnk
Princess Wifey Posts: 534
Are you sure? Because once you open that can of worms there's no turning back!! :o0 :eek :eek :eek
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
I THINK so Princess Wifey :o0 :o0 Like I said, its just being ready for the worst seeing as I no mates to ask... I'm the first....
RJR Posts: 962
Not really sure what details you're after, but you'd probably be better off just researching stuff like possible interventions (forceps, breaking waters, emergency C section etc) and why they're sometimes needed / what questions to ask if you're told you need intervention, different methods of pain relief etc. Some people take great delight in telling pregnant women horror stories about labour but you could still get armed with the information you need without hearing about stuff you might not need to know IYKWIM The only person I had to tell me about labour was my sister who was young and petrified when she went into labour and had over 24 hours of it with assisted delivery etc...so I stayed away from asking her about hers (she'd have delighted in scaring me :o0 ) and just read up on the facts so I was prepared on the day. For what it's worth I had a great labour and recovery and any of the stuff I had heard which had made me quiver a bit (about pooing while pushing, having an episiotomy etc) didn't matter at all on the day as you're so caught up in your labour and getting to see the baby it becomes a bit irrelevant whether you poo or not :-8
Aurge Posts: 1456
I had an emergency c section so no pushing involved for me. But what I will tell ya, and Im not sure this happens everyone & maybe you already know but for some reason I didnt :innocent: When my waters broke...it wasnt just a big gush & that was the end of it. They broke at about 3.30pm on Fri, when I got to hosp I told the midwife I was still leaking (loads) and was destroying everything & she said oh thats normal, that wont stop till you have the baby. So it was as if I was constantly weeing myself. Babs wasnt born till the Sunday morning. It was very frustrating. Id had the gush, it wasnt like it was just a trickle but it didnt stop. Very uncomfortable ontop of everything else. So worth it though :lvs
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Oh god, do ye really want to know???!!!! On my 1st labour, I bled ALOT!! Everytime I moved, there was a huge gush and there was blood everywhere. THis is all ok though, it's just called a show but I thought a show only lasted a while and then went. Not for me. I bled all the time. I didn't bleed at all on my 2nd labour though. Bowel movements when you are pushing are common too! It's envitable with all that pushing! Passing clots after labour. My mam told me about this so I was ready for it. I passes alot on DS but not alot on DD. But a week after being at home on DD, I stood up and felt a huge clot passing! It was very strange, I checked my pad straight away and there it was! Grose!! I could go on forever but be prepared for anything. You can really expect the unexpected with labour and afterwards. you can't be shy, put it that way!!
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
With the, erm, bowel movements.. a friend gave me a tip to bring in something scented, like an aromatherapy mist/oil, so that if you were afflicted by this particular loss of dignity you wouldn't be distracted by the smell. I won't tell you whether I used the oil I brought in or not, but it seems a sensible tip to me :innocent:
jess08 Posts: 481
I wouldnt worry about it too much. Its all sounds crazy now "oh you might do a poo" etc, but to be honest at the time you probably wont even notice!!!! The midwives are so used to it they have it cleaned within literally 1 second, and apparently most women do, those who say they didnt just didnt realise because its cleaned up so quickly! Your dignity does go out the door, i seemed to be in the only fully stocked delivery room and every 20 mins there was someone coming in to get some thing or other, but they were very apologetic and careful to preserve my dignity! But when it came to the actual birth there were at least 12 people in the room all staring as i spread my legs on the bed and i literally couldnt have cared less!!! :o0 :o0 All that matters is the baby! They really could have brought a football team through the room at that stage and i probably would have waved and smiled! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: My point is that its a special situation and while it sounds weird thinking about it now, when the time comes you will just get on with it.
tilsun Posts: 4506
There's a sticky with birth stories. I haven't read many yet as I like my head tucked away here in the sand :o0
soupsetagain Posts: 2
standing on an incontinence pad/sheet thingy - in the nip with me waters running out of me!!classy and all i was worried about was that my runner socks were getting wet!!!!! ah ya