rk bridal-dress out of irish customs - when will i get it

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cazbride Posts: 18
my dress has been delivered from rk bridal and I have been tracking it using my tracking number and it says it has been cleared through irish customs - how long will it take before it's actually delivered? Does someone ring u ?
Shivey Posts: 62
Hey Cazbride, was just wondering the same thing. Was just tracking mine there and it says it's with Irish customs. I want it nooooowwwww :o0 Shivey.
deep1 Posts: 344
hey girls, mine was with them for 2/3 days then once it was out about another day.....i thought id never get it :o0 :o0 :o0 Best of luck!!
cazbride Posts: 18
Hey shivey glad to hear someone else waiting - can totally relate to being nervous - I've been having nightmares the last 2 nights - i just want a good nights sleep!!! Deep - does someone ring you to give you a time it might be arriving?
cazbride Posts: 18
MY DRESS CAME - can't believe it - and it fits - is a bit big in the bust and i'm planning to lose more weight so will have to get it taken in (hopefully that will be easy enough to do) Yippeeee am so chuffed - can't wait to try it on again but will have to wait till h2b comes in and takes kids out for half hour so I can see it properly - then i'm gonna give it fmil to put in her wardrobe as if my kids got it they would probably draw on it - but its here and im sooooo happy with it Yay!! The downside is i had to pay 128 euros customs but still making huge savings
Shivey Posts: 62
Hey Cazbride, delighted you got your dress, hopefully I'll get mine in the next day or 2. Shivey.
im with the dj Posts: 50
Hi Im just wondering do rk bridal still deliver outside of the us or did you ship it to someone in the states i would like to order online but have read from april last year they dont do that anymore? Regards