Scan after miscarraige

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isthisouryear Posts: 14
Hi ladies, so I got some great info last wk when I asked re pregnancy test lines getting stronger so Im hoping I can get some more advice from ye. So basically I have had a miscarriage at 5 wks. Went to the doctor last Fri and got my bloods taken. Since the doctors appointment I bled all wkd - there was no pain but it was heavy enough. Def not spotting. Anyway just got a call from the doctors and my hgc levels were 3 so that confirms the miscarriage as far as I can see. Im going into her tonight and she is giving me a letter to get a scan done to confirm it but from what I can see its gone :-( So my question is has anyone else been in a similar situation before and can let me know what to expect? Will be internal (as Im so early) or external? It will be in limerick. Thanks a mil. Xx ps hope everyone else's pregnancy is going ok x
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
it will be internal at that stage and just to confirm that the pregnancy sack is gone. sorry this one didn't work out, fingers crossed for the next one!
ilvechoc Posts: 149
Hi isthisouryear, sorry to hear your in the same boat as you unfortunatly (waiting for bleed on 2nd mc), but on my 1st mc I didnt bleed at all but had internal scan before d&c. at 5 weeks id say it will be internal. Best of luck with it. Mind yourself.
isthisouryear Posts: 14
Thanks girls. Ilvechoc Im so sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing ok. Its so hard... Thinking of you. I can either go public or to private consultant so think i might go private. Don't think i can face the maternity... Thanks again for the info. Mind yourselves - I hope yours works out better then expected for you. Xx
ilvechoc Posts: 149
Going private is a great idea-all we could hear the day of my d&c was babies crying-so hard. Look after yourself and dh.its a tough time. :action32 :action32