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mrs pitt Posts: 164
Hi posted this on dec babies aswell Went to Coombe yesterday for a 10 week scan. Was sent at 10 weeks as had some problems with asthma. Went for abdominal scan and knew something was wrong he was moving the probe all over for ages and kept asking me if I was sure I hadn't bled and was I sure of date of first day of last cycle. Am absolutely positiive. Wanted to just ball crying. They send us directly to early pregnancy unit and had internal scan and thank God they found a heart beat. Again she said to me was I sure of my dates as I am 8-9 weeks max. Does anyone know how the dates could be so off? I am just overjoyed I haven't miscarried and I know this is terrible but a little bit of me is upset at new dating. I feel I've gone backwards and I just cant understand it as lately ive been getting big that I actually have a tiny bump. Has this happened to anyone else? Have to go back in 3 weeks for a repeat dating scan so have no due date til then. Am worried maybe that the baby is just too small or something. what do you think?
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
Are you calculating how far gone you are from the date of your LMP, or have you been monitoring ovulation? Calculating from the date of your LMP only can have your dates wildly off, if you don't have a 28 day cycle.... For example, I have a 38-42 day cycle. Going by the dates of my LMP would have meant that I would have appeared 2 weeks lesss pregnant than I am, but I temped, and knew the date I ov'd, so I could calculate exactly how far gone I was based on that.
theoracle Posts: 7664
On dd3 I was put 2 weeks behind. I never figured out how as it didn't make any sense at all in line with my LMP and ovulation dates, but hey ho, dd3 arrived good and well 6 days after the hospital due date, nearly 3 weeks after my LMP EDD, so go figure, these things happen and no it doesn't mean anything is wrong.
amimad Posts: 99
On dd my due date was changed by 2 weeks, I felt like you and was upset aswell. As the girls said you could of ov'd later then you think, try not to worry it doesn't mean there is anything worng. :thnk
Delphinium Posts: 3027
The reason you are given dating scans in the first trimester is that the baby's rate of growth is very standard during this period and the measurements in relation to how old it is will therefore be very accurate - as well as the fact that the baby gets harder to measure on scans as he or she gets bigger! I would say that there is nothing wrong at all and as the other posters said, you may just have ovulated later than you think. The LMP calculation is based around the assumption that your cycle is 28 days and OV date is day 14 so it really is just a guideline estimate because women's cycles vary so much in reality.