second hand maternity clothes?

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beaker Posts: 379
I know this probably sounds really stingy, but I don't really want to spend a small fortune on clothes that I will wear for only a few months. Does anybody know of a any shops specialising in 2nd hand decent maternity wear? :-8 Or where can I get maternity wear for work etc that won't cost the earth?
thats amore Posts: 714
new look do a nice range of shirts and trousers that are really reasonable. they also have great casual stuff. my sis got loads of stuff there. watch out for their sales and offers too. that's where i'll be goin in a few months
aug princess Posts: 94
PM me your size ive some maternity stuff i could send to you if you interested Jeans,linen trousers,some tops
2calm Posts: 187
Sorry I can’t be ore helpful, but I do know a 2nd hand shop does exist in Dublin – that’s all I know! I don’t know the name nor where it is!! Someone mentioned it to me at the beginning of my pregnancy and I forgot to write it down. Do you think I can remember who told me about it!! But if you did some digging you may find it. In terms of really cheap clothes…..I can’t recommend H&M more highly (and Top Shop not bad either). I was in H&M Dundrum yesterday…had promised I wouldn’t buy any more at this late stage but the hot weather was getting to me and I badly needed shorts and light cut off trousers. Got both for under €40. All their tops/blouses etc are €14…’s not the best quality in the world but perfect for maternity wear.
the moms Posts: 1427
There's always ebay! I got a great pair of Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans on there for a fraction of the cost in the shops.
chicam Posts: 1169
I agree with Toaster - get yourself onto ebay! I have bought a multitude of 2nd hand maternity clothes during my pregnancy, they have been great especially if you buy from someone with a good rating! Admitedly it's been difficult to find trousers on ebay that fit great, so I bought these from Next and the like but tops, cardigans, hoodies etc - ebay is the best!
arib Posts: 499
Go into all the charity shops and ask them do they have any maternity wear - you might be in luck. I got a shed load of stuff from a St Vincent de Paul shop - someone had left a load of stuff into them.
alton Posts: 3077
There's a shop in Cavan called naoimi (or something like that) that rents out maternity dresses for special occasions. Only heard about it, haven't been there myself so can't vouch for the prices. H&M and New Look are both cheap and cheerful, if you don't find anything else.
beaker Posts: 379
Thanks for the replies girls, will defo try those shops. I bought an magazine last night that had free parenting magazine with it ( obvisously aimed at the yummy mummies) as the prices for the maternity clothes in it were completly unrealistic. I dont pay €200+ for jeans at the best of times - never mind ones i would only get a few months out of!!! :ooh - so I was in a bit of a state of shock after that :eek