sensitive/sore skin on belly/back

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
since yesterday evening my skin below my belly just along my pubic hair line curving around to hip is really sensitive. almost sore. if i press or rub it hard its not sore its only if i gently touch the skin its sensitive. i thought maybe my underwear had been too tight but TMI i slept without any last night to see would it make a difference and its still the same this morning. there are no marks on my skin or redness - could it be stretch marks starting ?? do they hurt before they appear?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
lucy1 Posts: 109
Minkie, Not sure if this helps but I had very senstive skin around the 14-15 week mark- no redness or rash but skin felt sore and a bit itchy. Went to doc and apparently just the hormones but to be on the safe side she made me stop using any perfumed moisturiser and just plain aqueous cream from chemist- that might help? It wasn't a sign of stretch marks for me- so far so good- touch wood!!