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Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Hi there girls, I am still hanging round, too....Got some very bad pains yesterday evening, did a bath a then they were gone O:| Soooo annoying...can´t wait now as I can´t sleep a wink either at night... Yep, great about Tiggs....Good luck to all of you girls :thnk
radish Posts: 268
Hi all, Actually had a decent night's sleep last night so feeling good today. No Braxton Hicks or anything else happening though. Have check-up today so let's see what they say. Every day after due date feels like an eternity! Hope the rest of you are feeling good
boobies Posts: 1625
Hi girlies, Still here too! am enjoying the rest before the big day! No strange twinges or anything yet. I keep telling myself ill go over due date so I wont be disappointed if I dont go early. Its such a weird feeling being off work! though im not complaining.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi girls.. sorry I've been neglecting the Sept thread ! How are you all doing? Simone - it wasn't that scary honestly. But I know how you feel , I was the same this time last week, if someone said that to me I would have said yeah .... right. I'm sure you'll be fine girls, it's the waiting that's the worst beforehand. The only thing I did was to walk quite a bit every day. I didn't drink any tea (kept forgetting to buy some) or had any sex! Or hot curries. But it probably works different for everyone. I DO intend to keep tabs on this thread as often as I can. Eoin sleeps a lot at the moment so I'll have time. Good luck everyone, I can't wait to hear about each of you. :wv :thnk :xxx
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Tiggs... it´s nice of you to come on here and that you didn´t forget about our wee September thread :o0 As you can see I am still here...Will just have to hang on and wait...But I have to say to you again...well done ! Did you have any signs the days beforehand at all? Enjoy your wee man now... :xxx Heavenleigh
Moniebravo Posts: 22
Hey all, and welcome back Tiggs, nice to see you're getting on ok and haven't forgotten us :o0 We'l completely understand if you can't be on as often as I'm sure you want to just sit and stare at Eoin, even if he is asleep! At least thats what I was like the first few weeks :o0 Curry didn't go completely to plan, but it did help. I had a show at 2.30am this morning :o)ll Went for a swim and a walk today but neither seems to have made it progress anymore, at least I'm not having any braxton hicks at the mo, and the curry didn't have any dire effects on my stomach :o0 Was told by dh2b's mum (nurse) that I should tell gp or consultant that I've had a show. I didn't notice when I had one last time and haven't been told this time to tell anyone. What do you think? Hopefully my waters will break soon and it won't matter. I just hope that by Thurs morn I'm holding my lil girl in my arms *) Heavenleigh, just thouht you should know that a bath can slow down and even stop early labour. Not that I'm saying don't have a bath if you're in pain, but if it feels more like period pains and not just general pregnancy pain, it might be worthwhile holding off a little just incase. Baths are great later on in labour though, that's what helped me so much. I just wish I could have a water birth in hospital here :o( Hope you all get a good nights sleep tonight. I'll let you know if there's any developements :o0
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Thanks for the advice Simone...didn´t think about it :thnk Good to know things are starting for you now...It is just sooo exciting...I will cross my fingers for yuo that you are in labour by now and we will only see you on again when you´re the proud mum of your lil girl :wv
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Ohhh Simone, hopefully you're gone then. I read for a show it could take 24-48 hrs. So hopefully this is it for you. Heavenleigh, how are you this morning? I didn't have any symptoms before hand. I went for my usual walk on Thursday and there was pressure but I had that before and once I walked it loosened up a bit if you know what I mean. Otherwise I felt fine. I don't know if the walking helped me or not to be honest, but maybe gravity does do the trick? How are the others? Radish, Rocky, Boobies....
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Tigletts my yoga teacher swears by walking to get the baby moving! I'm sure it did help. I'm hoping the gym ball will help me as I'm not a great walker. DH's nephew feckin burst it at the weekend so have to get a replacement!!! My money's on Heavenleigh to go next!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
[quote="Sphynx":1qcqfxii]Tigletts my yoga teacher swears by walking to get the baby moving! I'm sure it did help. I'm hoping the gym ball will help me as I'm not a great walker. DH's nephew Flip [b:1qcqfxii]burst it[/b:1qcqfxii] at the weekend so have to get a replacement!!! My money's on Heavenleigh to go next![/quote:1qcqfxii] Sphynx, I hope you weren't sitting on it at the time :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 sorry I couldn't resist :xxx