Severe Morning Sickness

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sunflower1 Posts: 154
Hi girls. For the last week i've suffered from severe morning and all day sickness. Just wondering has anybody else suffered the same and do you know any remedies to help. Thanks girls :wv
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi there... kinda in the same boat myself. have had terrible ms since i hit 7 weeks. nauseas constantly and am actually sick a couple of times a day. i find ginger ale helps a bit.... it gives me a little sugar boost too i think .... i'm not drinking anything when i eat, i've heard that is better to help with ms. i've reduced the size of my meals (when I feel like eating) to half what i'd normally eat. the smaller the portion the more likely i am to keep it down! i have heard that sea sickness bands help - but i haven't tried them myself. and the other thing i've found is that once i've eaten, i need to sit still for an hour.. if i'm up walking around quickly, i nearly always get sick straight away :o( hth's.... but remember, this is such a good sign. our pregnancies are progressing ... and before we know it, it will be 12 weeks and it will all disappear! (i hope!)
babs76 Posts: 1000
I'm not much help I'm afriad as i only was sick for about 3 weeks and it wasnt severe. If it's any consolation, apparently if you have bad morning sickness, it's a sign of a strong pregnancy. I think it's something to do with the fact that you have a lot of progesterone. Hope you feel better soon :wv
Crostini Posts: 1105
i tmay be hyperemesis... i had it for several weeks. i've never puked so much in my life! nothing can be done for it. ginger ale, ginger buscuits, dry buscuits before getting out of bed etc didn't help one bit. the sickness bands did help during the day but not in the morning or evenings. best thing you can do is try to keep sipping water. you just need to keep hydrated. if you can't even keep water down and your tongue starts to get dry to the touch , go to your GP staright away, they may need to put you on a drip in hospital for a while.
Gingham Posts: 3014
I suffered from hyperemisis which is severe morning sickness until I was about 16 got abit better after that but its only since week 21 I have stopped being sick altogether. I couldnt even keep water down in the early days. eat small and often...carry crackers and eat them when you feel empty belly is the worst thing. eat before you go to bed. There was a two week period were my husband used to have to get up about 4 in the morning and make me something to eat...i just wouldnt last the whole night and if i hadnt eaten I would pay for it in the morning. drink loads of fluids. I found orange juice my life saver...used to eat grapes, crackers, crackerbread, yoghurts while i was in work....constant grazing. rest aswell as much as possible... for most people it passes around 12 weeks...just try and not get dehydrated
roxychick Posts: 1802
Another hyperemesis sufferer here too. I'm afraid I don't have any magic cures for you. Nothing really worked for me. Don't force yourself to eat- eat when you can. Didn't go this time until 20 weeks and last time 17 weeks. Hopefully it'll go earlier than that for you. It will pass even though it probably doesn't feel like it at the moment :xox
bellatoscana Posts: 390
You are not alone I was diagnosed with hyperemesis none of the natural remedies worked for me, I tried everything. I had to take anti sickness tablets to be able to keep food/fluids down so if it gets bad go to your GP/Midwife. The eased the vomitting and nausea I would have been lost without them. I started getting all day sickness from about 7 weeks. Serious vomitting from about 8/9 weeks that didn't stop until about week 16. I unfortunately still have all day nausea but not as bad, I can function (just about). For most it eases so fingers crossed it does for you, it definitely gets easier. I fear I will have nausea my whole pregnancy but I am so used to it now I try and block it out as much as I can. Good luck and there is help to be had out there.