Should I be worried?

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Mrs Sparklin Posts: 85
Hi guys, I am 20 weeks pregnant and over the weekend I had a few little spots of brown in my discharge. I have my 20 week check up with my GP tomorrow but should I be worried by this and should I try and see him today? All and any advice would be really really appreciated, beginning to get upset over this as one of my friends suggested it could be something to do with the mucus plug.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Brown blood usually suggests 'old' blood and given you had such tiny quantity I wouldn't break into panic, having lost a couple of mucous plugs I can confirm that in that case you would see fresh, bright red blood. Try not to worry too much, but in the meantime just try to rest a bit more if you can.
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Why don't you ring your doc and tell him what has happened and let him make a decision on it? I think that's what I'd do especially as it's upsetting you. If you can't get through to him you could phone the labour ward in your hospital and ask them or if you have VHI cover you could ring the Nurseline and ask for advice on what to do. I'm sure it's fine but if something like that happened to me and it was upsetting me I'd try to find out what to do asap. Hope you're ok and not getting too worried.
Mrs Sparklin Posts: 85
Thanks Hu101, it was really only tiny spots no bleed or anything so thank you for putting my mind a bit at rest. Thanks for your suggestion too MrsJayKay, only problem with ringing the doc is I rang him last week cos I was getting vibrations in my vagina so he will think I am an absolute hypocondriac. thanks for replying girls, I appreciate it xx
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I think I'd prefer it if the doctor thought I was crazy, rather than not making a phone call. Remember they deal with pregnant women all day so I'm sure they've seen and heard it all before.