Should you delay parenthood?

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en deguisement Posts: 112
Hey girls/or guys! I want to throw this question out for ye and hopefully ye will give me some interesting advice! I will be 33 the year after next and this is when we were thinking of having a baby (or trying to have!) Although I am aware of what a HUGE change it will make to our independence etc, I am reluctant to put it off for much longer though. However, I could start trying next year at 32, instead of the following year at 33 yrs......What are your thoughts? Is age really NOT on my side, as some people have gently put to me recently??!!!! Would love to hear what ye have to say! Cheers :o)ll
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi LR well for me I regret not tring sooner but thats just me im 31 and 28wks pregnant on my first, i did conceive w/o any trouble but everyones different. a friend of mine was trying for 3yrs b4 they conceived(she has just given birth and is 32).
zoey Posts: 1574
Hi Lila Rose, I think you should have a look at the reasons why you are putting off trying for a baby for a year. Is there something specific you want/need to do? Or do you want to wait until you're married? If not, then maybe you should consider trying sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment/regret down the line. I don't want to scare you but getting pregnant can take a lot, lot longer than you may have planned (have a look over at the ttc forum). Or else, you could just start temping and charting so that when you are ready to give it a go you'll be fully prepared. If you read the stickys on the ttc forum you'll get loads of advice. Of course, it's not a decision you make on your own so you'll have to see what your partner wants to do too. Whatever your decision, best of luck with it. Zoey :lvs
mariac Posts: 982
suit yourself and dont listen to other people - im sure 33 is fine to have a baby if thats what you want - your not old or anything by anymeans - i suspose you just need to consider how many kids you would like to have and time in with this maybe
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
I have a nearly 3 month old DS and I am 34. It took us 18 months to get pregnant and they were long hard months. I am not saying it would be like that for you but, you never know in advance. As for your life changing, Wow yes. In so many ways. It is a huge change and to be brutally honest in the first few weeks I was almost envious of my friends who do not have children and I felt so tied down. But, and there is a huge but, now I would not swop with anyone. I have the most amazing son and he is such a joy to my husband and myself. We are totally amazed by him and everything he does. However, if you are not sure, don't do it. It is not something to take lightly (as you know hence you are doing some thinking about it) and is the biggest life change I can ever imagine. It is much much more life altering than you can ever begin to think it will be. I honestly did not consider how different things would be. Good luck whatever you decide, and you do have in my opinion plenty of time. FP
StayShiny Posts: 1078
Hi Lila Rose :wv great advice from the girls and I'm only writing to say I'm 39 and expecting my first. Never felt broody before, weird eh. But in January, I felt an urgency! A really strong desire to have a baby. Listen to your body I think is the best way. Good luck with your decision, it a big un' :o)ll