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hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
these are mine [img:3cyepny8][/img:3cyepny8]
aoife07 Posts: 460
Finally picked mine. Plain and simple. Here they are They were reasonable so another thing off my to do list
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
[quote="aoife07":36xu54en]Finally picked mine. Plain and simple. Here they are They were reasonable so another thing off my to do list[/quote:36xu54en] Aoife07 - that website seems to have a great choice of invites and they are gorgeous and reasonably priced. Have you ordered yours already and did you have any bother with them? I am just dubious about ordering from American websites?
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
This is the outside of mine, the inside pulls out of the pocket.... I love it... [img:2qra0tt2][/img:2qra0tt2]
sinion Posts: 6050
[quote="brickingit":6jbsjeg1]Mine are similar to these [img:6jbsjeg1][/img:6jbsjeg1] [img:6jbsjeg1][/img:6jbsjeg1][/quote:6jbsjeg1] brickingit, mine are the same! We just spent the whole weekend making them :wv
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
We got ours from this site We went for the scroll, they got a great reaction and we just a mass scroll instead of a mass book :wv
lilyjune Posts: 470
Girls, all your invites look beautiful. Chi Chi, did you get yours in Confetti? I was looking in there on Friday night for inspiration for when I make mine and that was one of the designs I'm thinking of using. Although, I quite like ones with a square hole in the card with something inset into it if you know what I mean. I want to keep them quite simple though as I'm going to be doing them myself. We gave ourselves a deadline for them though at the weekend - all must be done by end of Feb. Now, all we need to do is decide what we're doing and make them. Minor details!
garran9 Posts: 4401
I am trying to decide between these; [img:1m3hmd5o][/img:1m3hmd5o] with a turquoise ribbon. [img:1m3hmd5o][/img:1m3hmd5o] with a silver ribbon [img:1m3hmd5o][/img:1m3hmd5o] with a turquoise ribbon I thought I would have had the decision made by now but I'm a disaster. H2B is actually very decisive about what he does and doesn't like which is great!
leeby Posts: 313
Hi Hunkey Dorey & Garran9 do you mind me asking where your invites are from and if they are reasonable. O-O
leeby Posts: 313
Hi Ladies Ive tried to copy this picture but well have failed miserably >:o( so heres the link I like this but not red maybe duck egg blue.. although a wee bit pricey.. :thnk