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Poppit Posts: 2042
I cant believe you are 26 weeks :eek :eek :eek Where did that time go? How are you keeping? Sickness gone yet?
sinion Posts: 6050
haha, i'm as shocked as you are! :o0 And look at you at 30 weeks! :eek :eek you're on the countdown now lady! unfortunately not, still vomiting a few mornings a week and still nauseous most days still but nothing to the degree it was. The good side to it is I'm still only 8lbs up on my pre-pregnancy weight so that's something I guess. Doc thinks I'll pretty much have it for the whole pregnancy but I'm so used to it now I don't care, I don't know what it's like to not be sick! I've been sneaking into the July thread and following your posts, not stalking I swear, just checking you're ok :o0 Saw that your doc gave you a stern talking to, hope it's gotten better since and you're taking it easy! Thanks for the thread, making me feel all special like :lvs Oh and just to add, after a very tough first half of pregnancy, I'm finally LOVING being pregnant, I love my bump and the little rascal in there kicking me night and day :lvs
Poppit Posts: 2042
Aww I have a stalker :o0 >:o) Ah no, Have been keeping an eye out for you too, checking you ok. Was worried when you were bleeding. So glad all is well now. Have just stuck to the july thread lately as haven't been online much. Lots going on. Glad to hear you doing well, albeit the vomiting and nausea. My nausea has returned too, but I suppose bad and all as it feels sometimes, its a reassuring sign. Lucky you with the 8lb. I have put on over a stone now, but thankfully its all boobies and bump :o0 Yeh i got a stern talking to at docs alright, but am taking things easy now. Had to go on iron injections as iron very low. hubby started calling me Casper as was so pale. Thanks to the recent sunshine I now have a bit of colour back :o0 I'm with you on the loving being pregant bit. My bump has only really blossomed in the last week and I just LOVE it. Its such a novelty. I love feeling the kicks and elbows :o0 Had my 30 weeks scan thursday and it was so amazing to see babs on screen. I even asked what sex it is, in all the excitement :eek :-8 Thankfully babs wasn't letting us see. No little flasher in there :o0 I really dont want to know as want to have surprise. But just got so excited and was on my own as hubby was working. Anyway hope you and Mr. Sinion are keeping well. Keep in touch Mrs. Poppit xxx