Sleeping at Night

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ros09 Posts: 1923
Hi hope ye can give me some tips for sleeping at night, i always sleep on my side and i've started putting a pillow under my bump for support but i keep walking with dead feeling in my right leg, i'm clearly not supporting myself right, any recommendations???
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I was only readng about this yesterday, I get weekly bump reports from Eumom, it was telling me to get a pregnancy pillow to help sleep or to prop a pillow between my legs. Also to sleep on the left side not the right or on back
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Hiya, I always found that putting a cushion or pillow between your knees usually helped. Also some people started putting pillows behind them to prop them up a bit or allow you to lean back a bit, you might have to do this as your bump gets bigger. I used to find my little man used to kick if I leaned too much on the bump, so you'd find yourself reclining back off it a bit more!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I found sleeping on top of a duvet helped. It sort of cushioned everything iykwim :wv