Sligo Bands - recommendations please

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broodyboots Posts: 93
Can anyone recommend a band for Sligo. Am getting married in Sligo but haven't lived there in there in years so I haven't a clue what any of the bands are like! Would love to have some recommenations so that I can arrange to see when I next go home for the weekend. Thanks
elizajane Posts: 631
Hey there - getting married in Mayo and having a band from galway called KIF - Highly recommend them Have heard good things too about a band called weightless astronots but cant say i've heard them personally if you have a list of bands (usually given by hotel) send them them on and i'll tell you waht i've heard about any of them i heard of - thats what a friend of mine did before i went searching - cut down on a lot of lasted saturday nights!!! :o0 :o0 HTH :wv
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
These are Galway based but I highly recommend them. Had them for ours & guests still talking about them
Rosey Roo Posts: 80
Hi Blued We are getting married in Sligo and we have booked The Brian McDermott band. Have heard nothing but good reports about them. :o)ll
MrsEL10 Posts: 910
Am from Sligo so I wish I could help you.. was at weddings in Sligo but of course can't remember the name of the bands.. haven't lived in Sligo for years.. sorry can't be any help..
Sinken Posts: 13
I'm getting married in Mayo. We're having a band called Concord. Great lively band for a wedding. Have heard them at loads of weddings.
keyra Posts: 801
Hi, im from Sligo and for our wedding recently we had a band from Galway called Heatwave. They were brilliant, had everyone up on the dance floor all night, everyone commented about how great they were. [/url]
bangel Posts: 2285
You don't have to have a band from where you are having the reception. Most Bands will travel and some don't look for extra. We have seen Weightless Astronauts who were very good in the quays in Galway and are going to see Quantum. We have also seen Brian McDermott band, not to my taste, but are a good band.
sligosparkles Posts: 120
I second Brian McDermott band. Great lead singer and play wide variey of "wedding" style music, something for everyone IMO! I've booked them for my Sligo wedding
broodyboots Posts: 93
Anyone know anything about 'The Whiskey River Band', someone recommended them to us and they are available for our wedding. The Urge are another one a friend recommended. Anyone any feed back on either of these? We are just looking for a band to keep people dancing and to be a bit of craic too interacting with the crowd and all.