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missymoomooo Posts: 639
Hi all, Just wondering, i'm booked in for my free smear test later today but i'm also due to get a new prescription for my pill and was wondering will the nurse give it to me or will i have to pay then for seeing the nurse and getting my prescription? It really kills me to had over 60euro every six months for 10 minutes with them when i'm prefectly healthy!! Thanks :wv
brightling Posts: 1496
I went for my smear test 2 wks ago, and also needed a repeat prescription. Was told when I made the appt that the smear was free but the prescription would count as a consultation and would be 55euros. That was with the Well Woman Clinic. Was in and out in less than 10 mins, 55euros less off!!
missymoomooo Posts: 639
Such a joke isn't it, recession ...what of republic is alive and well. Thanks anyway least that answered my question! :wv
missymoomooo Posts: 639
Hi there, Just to let you all know i got my prescription refilled (3 months worth) from the surgery for free after. I just rang ahead asked them could they do it for me, the woman at the desk said she'd do it up and get the doc to sign it and give it to the nurse to give to me when i come in for my smear. Saved me the doctors fee anyway so delighted coz i'm seriously broke so every little helps!
dibbles Posts: 749
Insist on it... i get my 3 month repeat all the time.. just ring ahead!! I think after 6months u need ur blood pressure checked so this is prob why they charge come to think of it