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23skidoo Posts: 1272
Ok so this should probably be in either h&h or LoS but i'm just too angry to wait for them to open. I got in the post tonight the letter we've been waiting for from dublin city council about the shared ownership option (not the affordable homes), telling us how much they would loan us. We can buy a house in the Dublin area for the grand price of €239,000. W....T.....F.... are we going to do with that amount of money? Its bloody ridiculous when you think about it, we just barely fit into the category of qualifying for the loan in the first place (ie if we earned more money we wouldn't be eligible) so you would imagine we would get almost the limit of €275,000. Technically we could get a tiny one bed apartment somewhere in the city centre, which would be fine if it was one of us on our own or if we weren't planning on having kids any time soon. Its so bloody headwrecking that after all the mess of trying to get it sorted in the first place they turn around and basically tell you to feck off. I know its better than nothing but honest to god, there's not really any way to work with that amount unless the house prices fall dramatically!
nelly Posts: 1875
I feel for you - i really do we bought before the crazy time and would have been outside what is the going amount now for sure - keep saving and hope to f**k you can reapply. Can you get the affordable or are you over that?
mad woman Posts: 22106
do you have any kind of savings? AFAIK you can put a certain amount to it! you might get an apartment for that price and then buy them out and move to a house. thats how we bought ours six years ago, when banks werent giving out mortgages.
23skidoo Posts: 1272
TBH we have a small amount of savings but not much worth putting towards it iykwim. We still wouldn't have enough. You can add money to the amount but it can't come from a loan or anything. And if anyone gives you money they can't have gotten it from a loan either. Its just like roadblock after bloody roadblock. H2B got on to his mam who told us she would loan us a few grand if we could get anything with a reasonable price. But its still unlilkely. We're kind of working against time too cos our lease is up in May (we have to pay rent til end of april). Ideally we don't want to have to take out another year long lease. Sure we'll just have to see what happens. H2B is talking to priest about wedding tomorrow so i think he'll have to ask him to pray for us! :xxx Its just very very annoying, you know?