So... what does baby wear for first few weeks

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Nicey Posts: 200
Hi, As you can see by my ticker, I'm getting closer to d-day, but have very little bought yet for baby, most noticeably in the clothing dept. So, am going to do some solid shopping this weekend for baby and wanted to double check what essentials I will need. I know that family and friends will probably give us some gifts of clothing, but for the first few days and weeks am I right in assuming that baby really only needs nappies, vests (short-sleeved I suppose because it'll be May and not that cold) and babygros? I know I'll need hat(s) and mittens too, but I'm thinking more in the way of the stuff that baby will be wearing 24/7. So is that right? I should just go out and get nappies, 7-10 short-sleeved vests and 7-10 babygros? An in what size - newborn or 0-3 months? Also, when they're very little, do they just wear the same for night time? i.e. a vest under a babygro? Apologies for the stupid questions, but don't want to be buying stuff we don't need, but equally don't want to miss something obvious. Thanks :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
Thats what I have in for baby. I got some long sleved vests too. I will have baby sleeping in a gro bag and the pack says to use long sleeved vests at a particular temperature. If you are using blankets then baby gros should be fine. I got some newborn and some 0-3. Baby is estimated to be about 9.5 pounds so the newborn stuff may not even fit. A nice outfit for coming home from the hospital is nice too. have fun shopping.
jess08 Posts: 481
Hi Nicey Its up to you i guess but i only put DS in babygros for the first 2/3 months, with a cardigan if we were going out or in the car. I did get some lovely outfits in 0-3 months size as presents, but he just wasnt comfortable in jeans etc. You will need quite a few baby gros as you might have to change two or three times a day if babs spits up a lot. That said dont go and buy LOADS now, you might get some as presents and you wont really know what size till babs arrives. DS was a big baby and was too big for the 0-3 months by about 4 weeks old, but when my niece was born she was swamped in the 0-3 for the first couple of weeks. i would suggest a few more baby gros maybe 15 total and a few cardigans all size 0-3 months. That way you wont have to be washing every day! And maybe one or two packets of newborn size if you think babs might be small but keep the reciept so you can change them if you dont need them.
islandfun Posts: 3054
Buy loads of nappies, pampers are the best I have found. We used size 1 Pampers for the first 2 weeks and have been on size 2 ever since. Seriously buy lots of nappies! It's so handy to have them in the house in different sizes. Get lots and lots of wipes aswell, you'll go through loads. The pampers sensitive ones are great but you'll need cotton pads aswell to use with water. Babygros, I bought about 12 of the one month ones from Next. He's out of them now and is in the 0-3 months. You will go through about 3 babygros a day easily. I hardly ever use the long sleeve body suits, but would use the short sleeve one every day under a babygro. Make sure all your babygros are button up, not the ones you have to put over their heads and tie at just the end. Scratch mittens, socks, hats are also nb. I also found the soft material dungarees from Next or mothercare good too as they make a change from babygros but are still comfy on them. You'll get loads of outfits but I took alot back as he wouldn't be wearing jeans at 0-3, it just looks uncomfy.
Nicey Posts: 200
Thanks guys Think I will be heading out tomorrow evening, so the advice is very helpful. :thnk
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
I would get a lot more vests than that as a lot of time the nappies can leak I would get at least 2 packs of 7 (m&s ones are great) also you need cardigans, hats and scratch mittens. Oh and blankets and maybe some kind of suit to bring baby home in. I only ever used babygros at night time after the first week or so, I always feel its good to dress baby and get out and about but thats just me!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
For the first couple of weeks babgygro's (sleepsuits) day and night and would agree with other poster get more rather than less as you don't want to be stressing about washing! Get one nice outfit to bring babs home in (the kimonos are lovely!) Plenty of vests, wrap vests are great for early days! Here are some ideas for you! (20% HipBaby Discount code for you all to use anytime you choose!! Just type HipRec in the promotional box at the checkout to avail of your discount! Wave
Perci Posts: 3847
I don't think I put DS in 'proper' clothes until he was about 3mths either! But he was a puker and a very regular pooer so I lost count of the number of changes a day. I would buy a good load of both babygros and vests like the others have suggested (we got a small number of newborn size that we did need in the end as he was 7lb but he did grow out of them early). The presents we got tended to be proper clothes rather than babygros and there were so many lovely 0-3mth outfits that he just didn't get the wear out of.