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panda_bear Posts: 342
I saw this mentioned in another post and I realised that I haven't even thought of it! What are you girls having as your something blue? Is it traditionally the garter? I'm not sure that's me...
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I know of one girl who pinned a little blue ribbon to the underside of her dress. I might do this if I can't think of anything else.
hs_easter Posts: 207
my friend wore blue knickers but i'm having blue toenails!! *)
PixieMom Posts: 838
I didn't have anything blue and I still had a wonderful day!!
woohoo09 Posts: 630
oooooh I love the idea of Blue knickers!!!!!!!!! haha My sis is in South America at the min and has picked up a little blue gem to clip into my hair in blue. won't even be seen probably but i hope it'll be nice.
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
My aunt is sewing a blue ribbon to the inside of my dress for my something blue. It's a bit of a tradition in my Mam's family.
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
I put blue ribbons on pins and out them under my dress on the skirt part :wv
moobear Posts: 1126
My FSIL bought me a hand made garter when we got engaged. It has a blue ribbon on that. I wont be doing the whole garter thing during the evening through - not my h2b nor my thing.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Illl prob just get a garter with a blue ribbon on my dress Its the old and borrowed thing thats got me stumped any ideas????
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I like the blue toe nails.... might steal that idea!