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Boo2011 Posts: 62
Hi Girls, Anybody taken these or heard anything about them. I find the galfor very hard to take and read about these on the Nelsons website. Anybody any feedback? Boo
twinkle30 Posts: 155
hiya, yeah i have taken them, the galfer is better cos it has a higher concentration of iron. you would need to be taking maybe two spatones with your pregnancy vitamin to make a difference, or so im told by the nurse. you could take spatone and try and up your intake of iron from foods if the galfer is a no no?
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Hi Boo, I've taken spatone for years. I was anaemic but they sorted me out. You can take up to two during pregnancy and they don't upset my tummy at all. I'm also taking pregnacare which has iron in it. You should try the spatone first and if it's not doing the job you can move to galfor, which is pretty heavy duty. You should only take galfor with a full tummy and it can make some people constipated. You should check with your Doc. I think they test your iron levels through the pregnancy. If it’s really low, you may have to take the Galfor. Good luck!
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
It depends really on your iron levels. If you are just trying to keep them up it should be fine, but yes take the 2. I said to one of the midwives at my booking in that I was taking these and she didn't seem to think it would be enough, but I said it to my consultant last week and he said it would be fine for maintaining iron since my stores were good. If you have tested with low iron you may need to keep taking the galfer. Do try to eat as much red meat and other iron rich foods as you can too. The doctor said red meat was the best source of iron and how many times in your life will you have such a good excuse to eat it :o0 This is assuming you are not vegetarian now, if you are I would say you will probably need the galfer.
CherylC Posts: 1071
My doc recommended Galfor from 20 weeks on. I asked him about Spatone and he said it doesn't have as much iron (and thats why its easier to take, but also not so good!)
Boo2011 Posts: 62
Thanks for all your replies. I'm also taking pregnacare plus but consultant told me to take galfer every 2nd day if I was feeling very tired. I'll switch to the Spatone twice a day for a while and see how I get on with it. If I don't feel any benefit I'll go back to the galfer. Thanks again. Boo